How can you buy Tamadoge Coin (TAMA) in Netherlands 2022?

The new cryptocurrency Tamadoge is slowly gaining a place in the crypto market. With the successful ongoing pre-sale, Tamadoge has already brought in the necessary investors and you can join them.

Meta: Buy Tamadoge in 5 Steps – Invest now in the latest Play-to-Earn Metaverse coin at a cheap pre-sale price.

Tamadog coin (TAMA) in brief

  • Hugely successful and profitable presale split into a beta sale (July 25, 2022 – August 10, 2022) and a full presale (ends Q4 2022).
  • Deflationary cryptocurrency that you use in all applications in Tamaverse.
  • One of the most hyped coins of 2022.
  • Within the Tamaverse, you can imprint Tamadoge pets to get them in the form of an NFT as a pet.

Buy Tamadoge Coin in 5 steps

TAMA is currently extremely popular among investors. The coin offers great growth potential. At the moment, you can take advantage of an extra advantageous purchase price during the pre-sale. Below you can see how direct purchase of Tamadoge coins is possible.

  • Step 1 – Find and install your crypto wallet: Download a suitable crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trustwallet and create a wallet address. With other wallets, make sure they support the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Step 2 – Buy Ethereum or Tether: Sign up with a crypto exchange and buy Tether or Ethereum. You need this to start buying TAMA.
  • Step 3 – Link your wallet to the Tamadog pre-sale: Visit the Tamadoge website and link your wallet using the “Link Wallet” button. You will then receive a pop-up in your wallet to grant access.
  • Step 4 – Buy Tamadoge: Decide how many coins you want to buy (min. 10,000). Then click “Convert ETH” or “Convert USDT”. It obviously depends on the coin you want to exchange for TAMA.
  • Step 5 – Claim Tamadoge Tokens: When the pre-sale ends, it will be possible to claim your TAMA on the website. You do this by clicking the “Make a claim” button. The TAMA coins are then deposited directly into your wallet.

Start buying TAMA now!

What is Tamadog?

When you want to start buying Tamadoge, it is important to do good research about the network and the developers. The developers of TAMA aim to become the best meme coin on the market. Tamadoge is seen by many investors as the new Doge and Shiba Inu coins. The ROI on these coins was huge, making the Tamadoge presale hugely popular.

So if you missed the growth of Doge and Shiba Inu coins, now is your chance. A big difference between Tamadoge and its predecessors is that Doge and Shiba Inu were only meme coins. However, Tamadog has features in the Tamaverse.

The coins can be earned by playing Play-To-Earn games. With Play-To-Earn games or P2E games, you earn coins just by playing games. The better you score, the higher the payout.

An essential part of the Tamaverse are the so-called Tamadoge pets. This is an NFT that you create and then nurture until it reaches maturity. The P2E model also complies with this. The more time you spend caring for your Tama pet, the more you earn. Once your Tamadoge pet has grown up, you can use it to compete against other Tamadoge pet owners. When you win, you will be rewarded with even more TAMA coins. You can earn the most TAMA with these matches.

The position determines how much you will be paid. When you win, you get so-called doge points. Based on your ranking, you will be paid in Tamadoge tokens at the end of the month.

An important aspect of the Tamadoge coin is that it is deflationary. This means that 5% of the coins are periodically burned. For example, the coin becomes more and more scarce, so the coin will increase in value over time.

The developers of Tamadoge have been verified by CoinSniper. This platform monitors crypto projects and determines if they are legitimate. The code for the smart contracts within the Tamadoge network has also been screened. examines the smart contracts within blockchains and checks if they are secure.

Start buying Tamadoge right away

Why buy Tamadog?

Although it is already very popular to buy Tamadoge coins during the presale, it is still important to know why this coin is so popular. The coin is not only popular because it is seen as the new memecoin. The developers want the Tamadoge coin to actually have a function. Below you will find the various reasons to buy Tamadoge is very interesting at the moment.

Earn rewards by playing

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Tamaverse is the ability to play Play-To-Earn games that allow you to earn Tamacoin. With Tamadoge coins, you can buy a Tamadoge pet in the form of an NFT. When this cap is grown up, you can use it to compete in the games of the Tamaverse. This allows you to earn Tamadoge Coins yourself by playing more.

As users increase, these rewards increase significantly. These are determined by the amount of people buying items in the Tamaverse. 30% of the proceeds are used for marketing, 65% for the prize pools and 5% is burned.

Huge reach across the meme coin community

The meme coin community is very quickly aware of a new meme coin with great growth potential. This is because people with interest in meme coins are very active on channels like Reddit, Telegram and Twitter. This is where mutual communication and theorizing takes place about potentially lucrative investments like Tamadoge.

This community grew mainly due to the popularity of Dogecoin. This gives Tamadoge the advantage of riding on Dogecoin’s success. It is not so strange that it twitter account of Tamadoge already has more than 40,000 followers.

Metaverse integration

Buying TAMA is seen by many as a “safer” investment than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Although these coins skyrocketed in a short time, they had no real function. It is different with the Tamadoge coin. This starts with an integration into the metaverse. The platform even has its own metaverse environment: Tamaverse.

By using NFTs in the form of pets and the Play-To-Earn model, Tamadoge has a much better foundation than its predecessors. In the future, the developers even plan to make it possible to integrate these Tamadoge pets into other metaverses in the form of collaborations.

Buy Tamadoge coin now

Promising roadmap

You can’t get there with just big stories these days. This must also be well substantiated. Tamadoge is doing this with the roadmap that was recently published. This contains the plans that the network has for the coming year until the end of 2023.

Think about partnerships with other metaverses, expanding to more crypto exchanges and expanding the selection of Play-To-Earn games. In addition, there are plans to also hand out physical rewards and their own app with augmented reality is under development.

NFT integration

Buying Tamadoge not only means you own a promising coin, it gives you access to buy NFTs. You can also profit significantly from these NFTs. Suppose you want to change Tamadoge caps, you can sell your NFT cap in the Tamadoge store. So if you put a lot of work into this, it will sell for much more than the purchase value!

It is possible to have as many Tamadoge pets as you want. The potential for making money from this is therefore very large.

Tamadoge Buy during the pre-sale

You can already buy Tamadoge through the presale that has been running since July 25, 2022. This consists of a beta sale that has now ended. At this time you could buy Tamadoge at a very affordable price. It is expected to increase significantly in the future. The second phase of the pre-sale is the “full” pre-sale. Here, every time a new batch of coins becomes available, and with each batch released, the price increases by 0.0025 USDT.

The pre-sale will last until the end of 2022 or until all available Tamadoge tokens are sold out. Because the price increases with each batch, it is wise to invest in the coin as soon as possible.

Buy Tamadoge – Tamadoge app

Another attractive reason to start buying Tamadoge right away is the Tamadoge Augmented Reality app which is under development. This app brings your Tamadoge pet to life. This means you always have your Tamadoge pets close at hand and you can take care of them whenever you want. The app also comes with social media integration to share your progress with your friends!

Conclusion – Buy Tamadoge 2022

All in all, it gives a huge advantage to buy Tamadoge during the full pre-sale. The coin is currently extra cheap and extremely hyped. After the ICO, the expectation is that this coin will increase in value. The investors in Tamadoge’s predecessors, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, profited enormously from these meme coins with a huge ROI. This while the coins themselves had no clear function.

At TAMA it is different. The coin has its own metaverse where you can earn coins yourself through the P2E model. You have your own Tamadoge pets in the form of NFTs that you provide and power up yourself. You can then resell these on the Tamadoge Market or use them in battles against other players to earn even more coins!

All in all, the coin is a huge opportunity for the attentive investor. The presale will last until the 4th quarter of 2022, when the price will increase for each lot of coins that are released. In this way, Tamadoge already has an increasing price, which should continue as soon as the coin becomes available on exchanges and thus can reach the general public.

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Buy Tamadoge – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tamadoge Coin?

The Tamadoge (TAMA) coin is the internal coin of the Tamaverse. Here you can both buy and earn Tamadoge through battles with your Tamadoge pet and other P2E items. The token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy Tamadoge by exchanging it for Ethereum or Tether.

How can I buy Tamadog?

Buying Tamadoge is possible during the pre-sale by exchanging Ethereum or USDT for Tamadoge via the official website. When you start buying TAMA now, you can take advantage of a favorable price. After the pre-sale has ended, the coins will be transferred to your wallet when you press “Claim” on the Tamadoge website.

Is it a good idea to buy Tamadoge?

As with all forms of investment, there is a certain amount of risk associated with investing. Especially when it comes to crypto. This is a trading asset known for volatility. However, this also has an advantage: the coin can increase enormously in price in a short time. Because the coin is currently selling very cheap in the presale, it is definitely worth considering buying Tamadoge coin at the moment.

Can I buy Tamadoge through a standard crypto exchange?

That is definitely the plan in the future, but for the pre-sale you can only buy TAMA on the Tamadoge website. When the presale ends in the 4th quarter of 2022, it will be possible to buy Tamadoge coins through external exchanges like Pancakeswap. It is expected that after the pre-sale it will also be possible to start buying Tamadoge via major central exchanges in the short term.

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