The criticized influencer Andrew Tate banned from Facebook and Instagram


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Facebook and Instagram have banned American-British influencer Andrew Tate from the platforms. Meta, the company behind these social media platforms, says Tate broke the rules. The former kickboxer had 4.7 million followers at the time his Instagram account was deleted. Tate’s Twitter account was previously blocked.

Tate, 35, has attracted attention in recent months for her misogynistic remarks in videos on social media. The hashtag #AndrewTate has been viewed more than 12 billion times on TikTok and his videos are clicked millions of times on YouTube.

Tate, for example, calls himself “absolutely a misogynist” in a video on YouTube. And he says, “I’m a realist, and if you’re a realist, you’re a sexist.” In the same video, he calls women “inherently lazy” and says there is no such thing as an independent woman. Tate also believes that women ‘belong’ to the men they are in a relationship with.

These statements receive a lot of criticism, but also create a lot of fame for the influencer. On social media, the question has been asked for some time when the platforms would intervene. Meta now says Tate has been removed for violating its policy on dangerous organizations and individuals. Meta declined to provide more details.

Who is Andrew Tate?

Tate was born in the United States but grew up in Luton, UK. The influencer, who likes to pose with expensive cars and can be seen in almost every movie with sunglasses and a cigar, has won four championships as a kickboxer, including two world titles. Tate rose to fame in 2016 for her participation in the British version of Older brother. There he was kicked out of the program when a video surfaced online in which he appeared to attack a woman. According to Tate, what was seen in the video – a woman being beaten by him with a belt, according to The Guardian – was consensual.

A year later, Tate again made headlines. He was removed from Twitter in 2017 after tweets about film producer Harvey Weinstein, who has since been convicted of sexual misconduct. The influencer said that rape victims should also take responsibility for what had happened. This controversy only made him more famous when Tate was invited to several podcasts, including by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

In March last year, the British newspaper The Mirror published an article about the webcam sites owned by Tate and his brother, where women would pose for the webcam while another chatted with customers. Those customers were persuaded to pay money with lies, such as fabricated stories of sky-high debt, and thus defrauded. Brother Tristan Tate admitted in the article that the companies are “total scams”.

Tate now wanted to live in Romania. There he can more easily evade accusations of rape, he said in a video. “That’s probably 40 percent of the reason. I’m not a rapist, but I just like the idea that I can do whatever I want. I like to be free.”

To care

The question is, why is Tate now suddenly more Googled than reality star Kim Kardashian and former President Donald Trump? According to The Observer newspaper, supporters of Tate have been asked to flood social media with (the most) controversial videos of him. The more controversial, the more attention the idea would have received. And it seems to be working. In fact, most of Tate’s videos, often clips from older interviews, aren’t actually posted by himself.

Tate may be more popular than ever, but the backlash is also higher than before: Countless videos are being shared on social media about how dangerous Tates’ statements are. Several agencies have already expressed concern about Tate’s influence on young men. It is still unclear whether Google (the company behind YouTube) and TikTok will also ban Tate.

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