not strongest Lamborghini Urus yet

Is this the most powerful Lamborghini Urus? Yes, but the Performante will soon lose that title to an equally new version of Lamborghini’s SSUV. The real powerhouse is on its way.

But the next model is not the sportiest offshoot of the Urus lineage. It really is this Performante. The Italians have put the mastodon on the scale and on the rolling test bench. For weight reduction, the Urus Performante is equipped with carbon fiber parts, such as the hood and optional roof panel. But not only was a different material chosen for these sheet metal parts, Lamborghini’s development team also looked at the technical function. In this case also the aerodynamic value. The manufacturer states that the aerodynamics of the SSUV have been improved.

One of the improvements is the air curtain created by the front bumper. The lighter bonnet has new lines that match the design with the revised front bumper. There is an opening in the valve. The carbon fiber front bumper and splitter improve engine cooling. The combination of all redesigned items makes the Urus Performante 2.5 cm longer than the existing, now sold-out version. In the images provided by Lamborghini, the Urus Performante is two-tone, but those who wish can also choose one color. Such a black hood also has a function, which you can hear in this episode of Sjoerds Weetjes.

Restyled rear

At the rear, the Urus has a newly designed rear spoiler. According to Lamborghini, the spoiler increases downforce by 38%. The manufacturer talks about a design in the spirit of the Aventador SVJ wing. At the same time, the manufacturer installs new steel springs. Compared to the regular Urus, the body of the Urus Performante hangs two full centimeters lower over the asphalt. The wheels are also 1.6 cm further apart in width. These are wheels in 22 or 23 inch format, depending on the choice on the order form. Lamborghini supplies Pirelli P Zero (285/40R22 front/325/35R22 rear), which can be replaced by the semi-smooth Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R if desired.

In profile, the Urus Performante’s lowered stance is accentuated by its prominent front and rear wing and bumper, increasing its overall length by 25mm. The rear of the Urus Performante is equally distinguished by its targeted high-performance design. A rear spoiler with carbon fiber fins is inspired by the design of the Aventador SVJ and contributes to the increased downforce. The underside of the rear end features a fresh bumper design with a carbon fiber diffuser and lightweight titanium sports tailpipes. Akrapovič’s musical instrument is standard for the Performante.

Improved Lamborghini Urus in two-stage rocket

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47 kg and 16 hp

The 47 kg lighter Urus Performante – the difference between driving on almost empty and almost full tank – has unchanged a V8 engine hanging at the front. The output of the 4.0 liter block has been increased by 16 hp to 666 hp, a devilish power for the beastly SSUV. For the Chinese market, Lamborghini limits the engine power to 640 hp, as there are tax rules based on the engine power. The torque is 850 Nm. The Urus Performante now accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 306 km/h. At Lamborghini, we believe that not all buyers drive permanently on asphalt. The Rally driving mode is now being introduced specifically for the Urus Performante. The function makes it easy to drive on rally tracks. In any case, the driving modes have been adapted to the Performante character.

The first orders for the Urus Performante have already been placed. Customers can collect their copy from the dealer this year. The facelifted Urus will be presented next month. The SSUV comes in a version with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The combination of the V8 petrol engine and an electric motor provides a system output of 850 hp.

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