Bet on the new girlfriend Kim Kardashian

In the Netherlands, betting at bookmakers is limited to sporting events, but in some other countries it is different. Following the news that Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson are no longer dating, another betting market has emerged. Because the (illegal) bookmakers of the world are now offering odds to bet on Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.

In many other countries, it is possible to place bets on anything you can imagine. In addition to betting on sports matches, it is also quite normal to bet on transfers in the football world, or who will be the new coach of a particular football club.

However, it is not limited to the world of sports, because you can even bet on the American election or the Song Contest.

Since the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act (Koa), legal bookmakers have been active in the Netherlands. But betting on things like the song contest or the election, or yellow cards and corners for that matter, is not allowed. It is not allowed to gamble on things that are easily influenced in the Netherlands.

Betting on Kim Kardashian’s new partner

It’s all a little different abroad. You can’t think of it as crazy, or you can bet money on it.

The nominees are Nick Cannon (11 times your money), her ex Kanye (11.5 times your money), Elon Musk (12.5 times your money), Jamie Foxx (15 times your money) and Drake (19 times your money) .

When it was announced earlier this month that Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson split, the bookies were already ready. A new betting market opened, because the site allows you to bet on who will be Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.

The 41-year-old Kardashian previously had relationships with basketball player Kris Humphries, American football player Reggie Bush, hip-hop artist Kanye West, and is therefore no longer with comedian Pete Davidson.

With such a varied ex-portfolio, it remains to be seen who will succeed Davidson. The biggest challenger, according to the bookmakers, is Van Jones, political commentator at CNN. Rumors about Kardashian and Jones have existed for some time, including for Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Pete Davidson. Should Kim Kardashian actually elope with Van Jones, it will give punters 7.8x their stake.

Other contenders include Nick Cannon (11 times your money), her ex Kanye (11.5 times your money), Elon Musk (12.5 times your money), Jamie Foxx (15 times your money) and Drake (19 times your money ). ).

Donald Trump has little chance of becoming Kim’s new boyfriend from the bookies. Gamblers who bet a dollar on Trump as Kim’s new partner get 201 times their deposit back.

Kim Kardashian’s relationship and her new flame you are betting on must be announced on Kardashian’s official Instagram page for the bookie to proceed with payouts.

The market has also reopened for Pete Davidson. According to the bookies, Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl, Entourage) is favorite at 7 times your money when the relationship is announced. Julia Fox (8.5 times your money), Amber Heard (17 times your money), Selena Gomez (17 times your money), Lady Gaga (34), Charlize Theron (41) and Emma Watson (51), Shakira (51 ), and Jennifer Aniston (101) brings in more money. Kim Kardashian’s half-sister Kylie Jenner makes 46 times your money when she starts dating Pete Davidson.

Offering these types of bets is a way for bookmakers to get publicity. There is no such thing as a serious betting market. At well-known (illegal) casinos, you can currently also bet on, for example, which animal will be used as a mascot for the next Winter Olympics (the koala is the favorite with odds of 2.9) and which cardinal will be the successor to Pope Francis I if he dies (Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana is the favorite with odds of 7).

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