Childcare De Rupsjes in Barlo has been in existence for ten years


Part of the umbrella organization Juut & Co

By Karin Stronks

BARLO – Location De Rupsjes, childcare for the umbrella organization Juut & Co, has existed for ten years. This beautiful milestone is celebrated with children, parents, staff, volunteers and everyone who wants to be there. The festive afternoon will be held on Saturday 3 September from 14:00 to 16:00 in the De Markerink building in Barlo, where the De Rupsjes location is located.

It’s holiday time, there are four children at De Rupsje’s daycare center in the De Markerink building. The space is made small, the four toddlers chat and play together. One of the four is wearing a bright yellow construction helmet, the children are playing with tractors, cranes and farm animals.

“Ten years ago I was asked to start childcare here in De Markerink. I was a nanny at the time. We entered into dialogue with Mariël te Brake and all parties involved, CBS Barlo, parents and volunteers,” says Anke Fukkink. The excitement is great and the preparations have begun. Juut & Co becomes the umbrella organization for childcare in Barlo.

The necessary adaptations have been made in the De Markerink building. A bedroom for babies has been realized, special toilet groups have been built, all necessities such as boxes, partitions and cupboards have been put on wheels because everything has to be cleaned up in the evening. Anke: “That way we can enlarge and reduce the space, adapt it to how many children there are.”

small scale
Guest parent Anke brings ‘her’ five children with her and gradually more children are added. The shelter is on a small scale with a maximum of sixteen children per day. The shelter is open Monday to Friday. Manager Wendy te Hennepe says: “We offer care on fixed days, but flexible care is also possible. This is useful for people who work irregular hours. Children are welcome from 07.00 in the morning until 18.00 in the evening.”

The children sit at the table and get a coloring page. They have to color the cupcakes. Anke: “It’s part of the party theme leading up to the anniversary party.” Activities are offered all year round with themes such as the four seasons. “The children can play freely, but we have a rhythm. Eating, drinking, fruit, an activity at the table and a nap are on the daily program at fixed times. Rest, cleanliness and regularity are important for the children.”

further education
Employees are continuously trained. Hester Salomé from Juut & Co says: “Recently, our employees completed a training course on babies. We meet all criteria, including emergency preparedness and first aid. We are committed to maintaining a child tracking system that can be transferred to the elementary school if the parents approve.”

According to Wendy and Anke, flexibility is a big advantage of De Rupsjes. “Nevertheless, we work with fixed days for most parents. At the moment our site is ‘well filled’ but there is still room for new children. We arrange everything from food and drinks to diapers and transport to BSO in Bredevoort.” Juut & Co likes to work with interns and people with a distance from the labor market. “Volunteers are also very welcome! Very nice for the children and for us!”

Employees and children are looking forward to the celebrations around the tenth anniversary. Hester: “We are all celebrating our anniversary together, those involved in Juut & Co, De Rupsjes and everyone who wants to join in the fun! A bouncy castle has been arranged for the children, and they can have their faces painted. Snacks and drinks are served. We hope for a pleasant afternoon with many guests!”

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