Highly productive machining cell shows what is possible

Date: 24-08-2022

By: MetalNieuws

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The highlight is a highly productive machining cell with integrated process control. The purpose of this installation is to demonstrate how different technologies together can contribute to higher production capacity in CNC machining. The rejection rate can also be drastically reduced, so companies also contribute to making the value chain more sustainable.

Probes, software and installation kit

Another highlight on the stand will be Renishaw’s five-axis measuring systems. Unlike conventional measurement methods on CMMs, this technology moves the CMM and probe head in sync to minimize dynamic machine errors at high scan speeds. Whether it’s the REVO scanning probes or the PH20 touch probes, these systems increase measurement throughput and shorten throughput times. In addition, a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s quality is shown. Renishaw demonstrates five-axis technology on a Wenzel CMM.

Equator measuring system with ATS

An alternative to traditional dedicated measuring setups is the Equator 500 measuring system with ATS (Auto Transfer System), based on the traditional comparison of manufactured products with a reference product. A reference is as easy as measuring a product, and changes in thermal conditions are immediately compensated. Equator can be used in factories with large temperature variations. IPC (Intelligent Process Control) software for Equator enables operations to be constantly monitored and adjusted, keeping product sizes close to nominal and well within process control limits.

Clamping systems

Renishaw has an extensive range of modular fixtures specifically for CMMs, vision systems and the Equator measuring system. These systems can improve the capacity, reproducibility and accuracy of the inspection process with fast, repeatable and easily configurable fixtures. The elements are set up manually; special tools are not required.

Probes and apps

Renishaw’s best-known product groups are machine tools and software. Probe solutions reduce setup time by up to 90%. Cycle times are reduced by automatically traveling and inspecting workpieces in progress. One technology that is gaining ground is the Sprint 3D sensor technology in the OSP60 probe. This probe enables fast and accurate measurement on CNC machine tools. NC4+ blue laser technology is the latest development in non-contact tool setting probes. The Renishaw NC4+ Blue systems incorporate blue laser technology and improved optics and are available with a working aperture of up to 240mm. They offer a step forward in accurate tool measurement that can be verified against industry standards.

Renishaw also offers a software suite of smartphone apps and on-machine apps that allow the creation and execution of probe routines quickly and easily. These developments and systems can be seen in the high productivity cell.

Products to test the accuracy

Renishaw’s laser interferometer and ballbar measurement systems verify, track and improve the static and dynamic performance of machine tools, CMMs and other moving systems with critical positioning. These products are a first step in process improvement and complement the probes or machines. At TechniShow, Renishaw will present the XK10 laser system for tool alignment. The system can be used on linear rails to ensure they are straight, square, flat, parallel and horizontal, as well as to determine the spindle direction and coaxiality of rotating machines. Additionally, Renishaw Compensate is available. This is a new addition to the CARTO software suite. Users of the XM-60 multi-axis calibrator can apply volumetric compensation to machine tools in a quick and easy process.
Recently, Renishaw launched the ACS-1 (Advanced Calibration Sphere), a simple system that calibrates spindle probes in a way that eliminates the need for manual operation. Calibration with the ACS-1 ensures a high degree of accuracy and thus the accuracy of the repeatability can also be guaranteed.

FORTiS encoders

FORTiS-S and FORTiS-N closed linear absolute codes can also be seen. FORTiS encoders feature Renishaw’s proven absolute encoder technology in a robust, enclosed design. They perform high-quality measurements under the harshest conditions, providing significant advantages over conventional systems. In the 3D space, Renishaw will highlight the 3D metal printers and associated software.

Renishaw is a TechniShow participant

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