Project: Splendor – Noorderhaven area development in Zutphen

With the housing project Pracht, the completion of the Noorderhaven area development in Zutphen is in sight. Commissioned by Heijmans, MIX architecture designed three multi-sided apartment buildings with a total of 80 homes.

Each floor has an unobstructed view along the IJssel and over the floodplains

Splendor is located on the northern edge of Noorderhaven. An important principle in the design is transparency: this prevents the buildings from forming a physical barrier to the area, even if they are the last element of the settlement. This is reflected in the light materials, the many windows and the way the three buildings stand in the landscape.

They are slightly rotated in relation to each other and differ in height (seven and nine floors respectively). Due to the varying mutual distances, the spaces between the buildings are also different. This creates dynamism and fits into the natural, undulating environment. The landscape flows, so to speak, between the buildings through the residential area behind.

View along the IJssel

Because the apartments are slightly rotated, not only is a playful whole created, but the view is also maximized. From the houses you can see along the river. The horizontal articulation and rounded corners of the volumes emphasize the sight lines along the river basin.

The wide balconies with glass railings and the vertical slats along the facade create a sense of depth. The semi-submerged parking garage connects the buildings and lifts them up. In this way, each floor has an unobstructed view along the IJssel, over the floodplains and on the car-free park. Floor-to-ceiling windows maximize the experience.

Tone-on-tone masonry

The apartment buildings are done in a light and natural color palette. The facade comes to life and is layered using three different brick choices. The tone-on-tone brickwork enhances the experience with a wealth of nuanced colours.

The top floor of each volume has a setback on the river side. The spacious roof terraces created in this way embrace the six penthouses (approx. 190 m2 BFA). The facade on the top floor is made of reflective aluminum composite in beige bronze.

Nature-inclusive lifestyle

MAAKspace is responsible for the design of the park around the apartments. The residents come home via walking and cycling paths in the green outdoor area with vegetation, playgrounds and wadis.

The original vegetation in the park forms a clear connection with the local flora and fauna in the floodplain area. The entrance to the parking garage is on the edge of the planning area, so the park is completely car-free.

The apartments are connected to a collective system of ground sources and PVT panels (solar thermal panels) are installed on the highest roofs. Each home is equipped with a heat pump to convert the energy source into heat and cold. Nest boxes for birds and bats and insect stones for solitary bees are integrated into the nature-inspiring facades.

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Noorderhaven area development is a new residential area on the north side of Zutphen’s old town centre. Zutphen Municipality and the developer Heijmans are building approximately 1,200 homes on the former industrial area by the IJssel. Noorderhaven also offers catering, shops, offices and a marina. The area’s history remains visible through the preservation and renovation of, among others, the Zutphensche Broodfabriek, the Pakhuis Noorderhaven and the Koelhuis.

Pracht is on the north-west side, bordering IJssel and Houthaven. The 74 apartments and 6 penthouses are currently for sale. In addition to being the client on this project, Heijmans is also a contractor. Peree Bouwadvies is involved in Pracht as a constructor. Construction is expected to start in the first quarter of 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

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