How to make money with crypto – Make money fast with crypto in 3 ways

Ultimately, the goal of most cryptocurrency investors is to make a lot of money with crypto. To make money with crypto, you can buy a coin and wait until it is worth more to sell it again, but there are several ways.

In this article we will discuss 3 ways in which it is possible to make money fast with crypto. For example, you can find out which crypto buys you the most profit.

Investing early in new cryptos with potential

By investing in a cryptocurrency at the right time, you have the greatest chance of making a large profit on this investment. Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum probably won’t give you big profits anymore because the coins already have a high value.

New coins also undergo major developments, such as becoming available on exchanges for the first time, which usually cause significant price increases. To the question ‘with which crypto can you make a lot of money fast’, the answer is generally new cryptos that have not yet been discovered by the general public.

We have compiled a top 3 below of emerging cryptocurrencies that have the potential to grow into cryptocurrencies with a high market cap.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Play-to-Earn Metaverse to make quick money with crypto

The new crypto coin Tamadoge has not been available for very long, but has already received a lot of attention from investors who were able to invest in this new meme coin for the first time through a pre-sale. That a meme coin can bring you a lot was already proven when Dogecoin saw big price increases.

Tamadoge tries to differentiate itself from Dogecoin by giving this new cryptocurrency an application. So you really need to use the coins, for example in the Tamadoge Store, where you can buy different items. Tamadoge will consist of a Metaverse and some play-to-earn games where you will always use your own Tamadoge Pet.

You have to feed and train this digital pet that looks like the Tamagotchi of the past. Once the Tamadoge is an adult, you can compete against other Tamadoges and earn points that way. These ‘Dogepoints’ determine your place in the monthly ranking and that ranking determines how much you will be paid that month.

Tamadoge’s pre-sale is also interesting. First, coins became available in the beta sale at a very affordable price. This beta sale sold all coins faster than expected, opening the regular presale. In this presale, a batch of new coins will be made available each time, but Tamadoge will increase by 0.0025 USDT with each new batch.

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2. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Make money with crypto fantasy sports

Another cryptocurrency you can play to earn is Battle Infinity. You can earn this coin on the platform by participating in the new fantasy sports game that will be available on the platform. The IBAT token is used for these and a number of other applications. For example, you can also use the token in the NFT store and you can earn money with crypto on your own betting platform.

The platform uses blockchain technology for everything, making it fairer and more transparent. This way, you can always find transactions and you can be sure that the prices are fairly distributed. Battle Infinity is a relatively new cryptocurrency that is just coming out of a pre-sale phase. The coin is now available on PancakeSwap and the coin is available to everyone.

With the various Battle Infinity applications, a large platform is being built that will contribute to the price of the crypto coin. The more Battle Infinity will be used, the higher the price of the cryptocurrency.

Because the coin is initially aimed at the Indian market, it immediately tries to appeal to a large audience. Cricket is the national sport of India and will be the first to be available on the IBAT Battle Fantasy Sports platform.

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3. Samoyedcoin – New meme coin with many listings on exchanges

This new meme coin is based on the same meme as Dogecoin and has already made many investors interested in the project in a short time. Samoyedcoin is taking off as a result and has already shown huge price increases due to the various listings on central exchanges.

For example, Samoyedcoin is now available on exchanges such as Kraken, Gemini and, and they only look set to continue this growth. The coin is a meme coin like Dogecoin, and does not have its own application. However, there are a few things that the project looked into closely to find solutions to Dogecoin’s shortcomings, such as the number of coins available.

By investing in Samoyedcoin now, you can take advantage of any price increases and make a big profit if Samoyedcoin becomes as big as its predecessors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. If it achieves that market value, the price could rise even more.

Crypto Daytrading – Make money fast with Crypto

Another way to make money with crypto is to get started with crypto day trading. With crypto day trading, you spend hours every day with investments that you want to sell on the same day. In this way, you try to build a stable income by making many small trades.

Crypto day trading is good with major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many market analysts can now reasonably predict what the price of these currencies will do with certain indicators. For example, they look at increases in trading volume or other economic factors associated with the currency.

Whether the daytad is the best choice to make money fast with crypto remains to be seen. For crypto day trading, you need to be able to make as many trades as possible and sell them on the same day. As a result, you always make a low profit per trade and it is definitely not easy for beginners to make money quickly with crypto trading.

It is of course possible, even in a single day crypto prices have exploded and people have been able to make a lot of money in a short time. This can be luckier than true crypto day trading, but investing in the right coins can also pay off in the short term.

There are various strategies available for crypto day trading. In that strategy, you can also decide how much risk you want to take with your investments. For example, you can only try to make small profits on the most stable rates, but you can also invest in newer cryptocurrencies with more volatile rates.

In addition, crypto day trading also offers options such as leverage, stop-loss and take-profit. With this, you can make trading easier for yourself and limit the risk better.

Crypto Games – Make money with games to make money

It may sound too good to be true; play a game and get paid for it. That scenario can become more and more of a reality with the many Play-to-Earn games available today.

In a Play-to-Earn game, as the name suggests, you can earn money by playing. In fact, they are almost always specific platforms where you can earn the coin associated with that project.

Today, it is often games that connect many of the new technologies in the crypto world. Consider, for example, NFTs, which are used to let people take ownership of certain (digital) objects.

The payouts on a platform can, for example, come from being placed on a ranking, but rewards can also be given away, for example, when you complete certain tasks.

You often get these crypto coins deposited directly into a wallet that you can then connect to an exchange, or you can reuse the coins you win directly, for example, to buy items, win extra land in the game, or use the coins to strike if the coin can.

How can I invest in new crypto coins myself?

To invest in a cryptocurrency like Tamadoge yourself, you have to go through a series of steps. We have detailed these steps below to make it possible for anyone to invest in this new meme coin.

Step 1: Download a wallet

Choose a wallet that supports Ethereum or USDT, you need that when you invest in Tamadoge, because you buy the coins for the time being via the website and there you have to go through a process that is more complicated than with many other cryptocurrencies.

Step 2: Fill the wallet with Ethereum or USDT

If you already have Ethereum or USDT, you can now send it to the wallet you just installed. Otherwise, you need to buy Ethereum or USDT first and send it to the wallet, this is also possible on the Tamadoge website, so go to the next step first.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to Tamadoge

Now go to the Tamadoge pre-sale website and connect your wallet easily and quickly via the ‘Connect Wallet’ button. In a pop-up of your wallet, you must authorize the connection between the wallet and the platform.

If you have not yet added Ethereum or USDT to your wallet in a previous step, you can still do so by purchasing it with a credit card from Tamadoge itself.

Step 4: Buy your Tamadoge Tokens

Now choose how many tokens you want to buy in the Tamadoge presale and complete the transaction. You can only claim tokens once the entire presale is complete.

Conclusion – Make money with crypto

Making money with crypto can be done in all sorts of ways and we have highlighted 3 well-known methods in this article. For example, you have seen new coins like Tamadoge that you can invest in time, but crypto day trading or crypto gaming can also be a way for you to make money.

In our opinion, the best method is to invest in new cryptocurrencies. You have to be patient with this, but it has the best chance to make a lot of money with crypto.

Above you have read how you can buy a new cryptocurrency like Tamadoge in pre-sale. There are several options like Tamadoge available, but you often need a bit more experience with this to be able to trade these coins easily.

Frequently asked questions about making money with crypto

How can you make money with crypto?

You can make money with crypto by investing in crypto coins such as the new crypto coin Tamadoge, starting with crypto day trading or by taking maximum advantage of crypto games that you can make money with.

How can you make money fast with crypto?

Making money fast with crypto is only possible by making the right choice in a very volatile moment. For example, by selling a coin you can make a big profit if you do this against a high in price.

With which crypto can you make money fast?

You can make money in a short time with a crypto coin like Tamadoge because of the many developments that happen within the coin. For example, it may be that the coin can earn you money quickly after your purchase, but it is important here that you choose a good platform.

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