Poly launches new E-series and CCX desk phones designed for hybrid workers – it’s game

Poly today announced the launch of their latest desk phones, the Poly Edge E Series and the Poly CCX 505. The new E Series consists of five phones: the Poly Edge E220, E320, E350, E450 and E550, and the CCX 505 is the latest addition to their CCX Business Media Phone series.

New Poly E series

The new Poly Edge E Series has been carefully designed to meet the demands and challenges of hybrid work environments. The phones not only have an attractive design but also see and feel and the brightness of the screen contributes to a pleasant user experience.

The phones feature Poly’s signature professional sound quality for crystal-clear conversations, and Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI technologies eliminate distracting background noise such as colleagues or roommates talking in the background.

Post-corona, there is an increasing fear of the spread of bacteria in the office and at home. That’s why the Poly Edge E-series phones are equipped with Microban® antimicrobial product protection as standard. Microban® is added during the manufacturing process – so the protection cannot simply be worn away or washed off.

Easy to pair

Thanks to the Bluetooth pairing options and the long range of the Poly Edge E series, users stay well connected – even from a distance, for example during a coffee break in the kitchen. Users can easily pair their Bluetooth headset or smartphone with their Poly Edge devices to answer Edge E phone calls via their mobile phone. So you can reap the benefits of the headset’s advanced noise reduction features at all times.

Easy installation and support

Because many home offices and some (newer) office buildings no longer have an Ethernet connection, the Poly Edge E350, E450 and E550 phones are equipped with Wi-Fi. When these models are first turned on, the Wi-Fi setup screen appears immediately to make the setup process as simple as possible.

In addition to a good Wi-Fi connection, hybrid workers also need accessible technical support. All Edge E-series phones are therefore equipped with new diagnostic tests and a configurable contact menu, so that users can easily identify problems themselves and contact a help desk if necessary.

Use of NFC technology

The Poly Edge E series is designed with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which makes it easier to use any available desk phone in hot spots as if it were your own phone. You only need a smartphone app for this. Android smartphones can also use NFC technology to simplify the pairing of their mobile phone with the Edge E phone.

Available to all

The Poly Edge E series focuses exclusively on accessibility, including text-to-speech capabilities and customizable fonts (size and bold). When the new text-to-speech feature is activated, the phone will audibly announce the incoming caller. With the audio confirmation of function key presses, users can engage in smooth and professional interactions with confidence.

The Poly Edge E-series devices are Poly’s most inclusive phones to date, offering versatile solutions to the challenges of hybrid work.

New CCX 505

The CCX 505 is generally considered a communication tool for the office, but its simple built-in Wi-Fi connection and advanced technology make it ideal for remote workers as well. The desk phone has a 5-inch color touch screen – with a single press you get access to all contacts, meetings and settings. In addition, all CCX phones run the Poly UC software, powered by Android 9, for a constantly evolving platform and a range of features that can be updated via the cloud.

CCX phones are equipped with award-winning audio technologies, such as Poly HD Voice and Poly Acoustic Clarity, so you can hear every nuance and voice change and communicate with ease. In addition, disturbing background noise is also eliminated thanks to Poly’s Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock AI.

The CCX 505 can be easily paired with the Poly headset for hands-free flexibility. With a choice of USB ports, both USB A and USB C, users can plug in their favorite headset or pair the phone with their laptop to use it as a speakerphone.

The CCX range offers something for every employee. For example, the CCX 600 and CCX 700 are equipped with larger screens or Connected Executives. The CCX 700 offers an integrated camera, ideal for employees who regularly make video calls. The CCX 505 is perfect for remote workers and if a touchscreen interface is not required, the Poly VVX 250, VVX 350 and VVX 450 are possible options that can be supplied with Wi-Fi via a Poly USB Wi-Fi adapter.

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