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b The maXX mobile phone with IP66 protection (photo: Baumüller)

Baumüller, specialist in drive and automation systems, will present its solutions for electric and hybrid drive systems for construction machinery at Bauma, the world’s largest trade fair for construction machinery. This fair will take place in Munich from 24 to 30 October 2022.

With its range of services from motors, inverters and control units to diagnostics and remote maintenance software, Baumüller offers future-oriented hybrid and fully electric drive solutions for mobile machines and commercial vehicles. Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik is responsible for the design and construction of the innovative drive concepts for the mobile machines and implements them from a single source.

Environmentally friendly and powerful alternative

Hybrid or electric work machines are already a practical alternative to vehicles with internal combustion engines. With their dynamic and powerful driving characteristics, hybrid and electric vehicles offer additional benefits, such as lower maintenance costs, optimized control over driving behavior or implements and minimal noise emissions. With fully electric vehicles, optimized charging concepts also enable practical operating times. Baumüller offers the full performance spectrum from hybrid and all-electric traction systems to the electrification of auxiliary units.

Traction systems

Baumüller offers two variants for traction systems. Depending on the requirements for the machine’s autonomy on the construction site and the power required during operation, construction machines can be equipped with a battery-powered drive or a diesel-electric hybrid system. The high starting torque increases driving comfort for the user. Recovery of braking energy enables particularly economical operation.

Desktop applications

There are also practical drive concepts for stationary applications with lower mobility requirements. Horizontal or vertical drilling machines, for example, can be operated via the site’s mains, with the integrated high-voltage battery absorbing any peak loads. Autonomy on the construction site is ensured by a small power unit.

Auxiliary units

These include electrically driven hydraulic pumps for working hydraulics or electric power take-offs (ePTOs). Quiet and low-emission driving and work are just two of the many advantages.
The drives save space and can be flexibly integrated. Electric, decentralized auxiliary drives can selectively turn on pressure and flow via efficient servo-hydraulics and regulate pump capacity as needed.

Charging systems for hybrid and fully electric construction equipment

The construction site of the future requires a powerful charging infrastructure for electrically powered construction machines. The fast charging systems implemented by Baumüller from a single source can be used during breaks or at night, further increasing flexibility for machine operators.

Driveline solutions for commercial vehicles

Baumüller offers the powerMELA drive concept, which was developed in collaboration with Sensor-Technik Wiedemann, especially for the commercial vehicle sector. The system consists of a permanent magnet synchronous motor and an integrated four-quadrant frequency converter and covers outputs up to 140 kW.
PowerMELA can be used for hybrid or fully electric drive systems. In the hybrid concept, a direct voltage is generated in the vehicle’s electrical system by an internal combustion engine using a combination of generator and frequency converter. With all-electric solutions, operation takes place exclusively on battery power. The electric motors are connected to the built-in power supply and drive the vehicle. Fuel savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved with these drive variants. powerMELA is suitable for use in road rollers, milling machines, loaders, excavators and agricultural and wheel loaders.

Smaller mobile applications

Another highlight at Bauma 2022 will be the drive solutions for smaller mobile applications. For example, the b maXX mobile with IP66 protection can both drive the vehicle and recover energy in four-quadrant operation. For mobile use, the water-cooled controller is shock and vibration resistant. It can also be used at temperatures between -25° and +65° Celsius.

In combination with the compact liquid-cooled servo motors of type DSP1 and DSD2 with IP65 protection, which impress with their high power density and wide speed control range, they can be used even under extreme temperatures – ideal for mobile machines such as wheel loaders or construction vehicles.

A liquid-cooled DSP1 servo motor with IP65 protection (photo: Baumüller)

Baumüller can be found at Bauma in hall A3, stand 313 D.

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