A&O Plaza – Diversity & Inclusion – White innocence or taking responsibility?

Diversity and inclusion are important in organizations and in the workplace. That importance will only increase as society becomes more complex, the quality of work comes under pressure and legislation changes. It is not for nothing that the fierceness of the discussions is increasing.

What opportunities do we have as A&O psychologists for a contribution to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)? Do we have the self-critical and inquisitive attitude necessary for this? As A&O psychologists, do we contribute sufficiently with our expertise?

The A&O section wants to enter into a dialogue with psychologists. That conversation is about our expertise in D&I in organizations. And the conversation must also be about our own actions. What do we do ourselves to prevent discrimination? What contribution do we make to D&I?

To keep this conversation going, we’re hosting an A&O space on D&I on September 9. For this we have invited interesting presenters who tell a fascinating story and then talk to the audience about interventions by A&O psychologists in practice.

The speakers bring up these topics:

  • Workplace reality and recruitment and selection
  • The multicultural company with all its advantages and disadvantages
  • Adapting the work to the employee’s skills and needs
  • Training for Inclusive management in large organisations
  • Equal opportunity inequality.

We personally invite you to participate in these conversations at this symposium D&I.


The D&I symposium takes place at the Social Impact Factory, Utrecht.

Program 9 September 2022

9.30 start program
17.00 program end

In the morning there will be contributions from Prof. Marise Born/EUR and Ciao/University of Maastricht. In the afternoon, we receive the co-owner of AssistiveWare, a very diverse and multicultural company, and participate in the training Inclusive management in the Police. The Central Committee for Cultural Diversity and Psychology also collaborates during the day. We end the training with a broad exchange about the role of the A&O psychologist.


Today’s speakers are employed by the police, Ciao/Maastricht University, Assistive Ware and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Mirel Bosman,
Team leader for the Dutch police

The police are at the heart of society and feel all eyes on them. This is precisely why police officers follow a Diversity & Inclusion course organized by Leiden University. Mirel Bosman is one of these leaders. Mirel is also an ambassador for diversity and inclusion. Mirel will tell us how it works in her daily work: why she wants to contribute and what contribution the course makes to her management. We want to talk to Mirel and ask her what she can mean in the police organization. What is a leader’s contribution to diversity and inclusion?


CIAO is an institute under Maastricht University whose mission is that everyone can participate in the workplace and in society. This often requires that work be organized differently and better. At CIAO, there is a lot of advice on inclusive redesign and inclusive reorganisation. They also do research in this and provide teaching.

Martin Leopold,
CFO and CTO at AssistiveWare

AssistiveWare is a unique company that builds techniques (apps) for assisted communication. This allows people who do not speak or speak poorly to communicate in text and speech. One example is Proloquo2Go, an app that allows people who couldn’t speak before to suddenly join the conversation again. These supported communication apps help people function and help them participate in social traffic. Martijn Leopold and his partner are hands-on experts in cultural differences: they employ more than 40 people of almost 20 nationalities working on four continents.

Professor Dr. Marise Born,
Professor of Personnel Psychology at the Department of Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In addition, she has an appointment as a professor by special appointment at the Free University of Amsterdam in work and personnel psychology with a particular focus on ethnic minority groups. Her specializations deal with individual differences, psychology and assessment, selection psychology and personality psychology. From 2008-2010 she chaired the International Test Commission (ITC) and from 2003-2010 she was a member of the Test Affairs Committee (Cotan) of the Netherlands Institute of Psychologists. Since autumn 2015, she has been chairman of NSvP’s board.


A&O Plaza is exclusively available to academically trained A&O and A&G psychologists.


Accreditation is sought for Work and Organizational Psychologist NIP & Work and Health Psychologist NIP for: 6 PE points for participation in the meeting.


NIP members: €150
non-NIP members: €300
student SPS-NIP member: €25
Beginning psychologists NIP member: €75

Organization: NIP section A&O
Date: 9 September 2022
Location: Social Impact Factory – Utrecht

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