Caught behind a lens….interview with Anneloes Tieleman

BREDA – ‘Caught behind a lens’ by author Anneloes Tieleman was recently published. A novel about love, resilience and grief. Also, an extremely timely story given the attention currently being given to LGBT books.

Set in Port-la-Nouvelle, a French village, ‘Caught Behind a Lens’ tells the story of Phileine, a young woman who has a complicated relationship with her domineering mother. Phileine withdraws more and more into photography. That changes when she meets gallery owner Rosemarie. A loving relationship develops between the two, which is complicated by the fact that the beautiful Rosemarie is friends with her mother. Will Phileine finally meet her domineering mother?

Tieleman takes his readers on a journey through a love story between two women. The author is especially good at expressing the emotions and feelings of his characters. Fascinating characters who are also excellently characterised. The erotic scenes that Tieleman has incorporated into his book are provocative but never vulgar. The current theme, combined with this debutante’s surprisingly fine, relaxed writing style, makes me decide to ask her for an interview. She agrees and I can fire my burning questions at her.

There is currently a lot of attention for so-called LGBT books. Was it a conscious choice?
‘No not at all. To be honest, I didn’t think about it at all. I just wanted to write a book the way I wanted to read it in my youth.’

What is the reason you have chosen a foreign environment?
“Choosing France as a backdrop gave me a kind of freedom and actually a kind of holiday feeling. After all, it’s a wonderful setting to read at your leisure during the holidays.’

Do you find yourself in any of your characters?
‘Haha of course. I recently had a friend visit who had already read my book. Of course she told me what she thought of the book, but she also said she saw me in Phil, but with short brown curls. I can only say she had a point.’

Would you like to tell us something about your home situation (marriage, children, etc.)
‘I have been married for four years and we live in a nice house in Breda. Together we have a 9-month-old son and a dog, Tipper, who really belongs in the family.’

Where and when do you prefer to write?
‘In my writing room, without distractions and without music. So in peace. But not before I take a nice morning walk with my dog.’

In which environment did you get the most/best ideas for your book?
‘It often starts with something small; a topic, a meeting, an event or a person. That seed is planted, so to speak, and grows and grows. Until the characters come alive in my head and I have to give them a role in a story.’

What do you find most challenging in the writing process?
‘The language, without a doubt. I have dyslexia and can be a bit ‘lazy’ at times, so I know I should describe something better or nicer, but I don’t. I know now that I will still adjust it later.’

Your book is published via Boekscout, would you like to tell us why you have chosen self-publishing?
It wasn’t my first choice, but a good start at the start. It is difficult to get into traditional publishers. And Boekscout is a nice stepping stone. I’m still looking for my second book. I hope to find what I’m missing from a traditional publisher. The personal contact with the content and the content feedback which allows me to grow further.

Is there a next book on the way?
‘Yes, Part 2 of ‘Caught Behind a Lens’ is at an advanced stage. The manuscript is now with my proofreaders, but it will take some time. I am now mainly focusing on another new script. No, I don’t want to say too much about it yet, but what I can tell you is that it’s a love story between two women and has the religious edge.’

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Curious about ‘Caught behind a lens’? This paperback of 292 pages is published by Boekscout under ISBN number: 9789464507256 and can be ordered through all usual channels, the bookstore and via and costs €22.99.

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