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Thanks to the trust and many contributions from sponsors, 254 children enjoyed sporting fun from 16 to 18 August during the special ‘Countryside and Farm’ edition of Waterdam Camp, held on the grounds of Waterdam in Volendam. The first two days were exclusively for group 8 children and the last day also included children from group 7. It was a special combination and an experience to be proud of.

On the Monday evening before the camp, the tents were set up with the help of many parents. Nice to see the enthusiasm the children have. Top! On the first day, the children were entertained with sports and play elements in collaboration with Flitz events. From archery to expedition Robinson, with the evening program together with the parents as a special element. After a lovely warm-up by Miss Lize van Bounce, it was time for real military training led by Mind the Body, where the children, together with – and against – their parents, went to the limit. On Wednesday, the water games were on the program: kart dancing, belly sliding and water skiing. The classic games such as throwing darts and dodgeballs should not be missed either. It was a little wet this day, but the fun was no less.

Early on Thursday morning we went to Waterdam, where 100 children from group 7 also came. The parents were slightly panicked, because no one knew exactly what we were going to do. It eventually became Poldersport de Kwakel, and it turned out to be a bull’s eye. We have enjoyed so many laughing and ditch jumping children. After a beautiful day, at 6 pm it was time to convert the tents into real sleeping palaces. The extra tents needed to give everyone a place to sleep had already been set up in the afternoon by a group of enthusiastic parents. Led by our own DJs and with a guest performance by none other than Peppino, the party started. As the icing on the cake, this year the children were allowed to swim both indoors and outdoors from 10 pm to midnight. Smoke machines and special lighting effects created a wonderful atmosphere.

The children were spoiled with delicious food and drinks every day. Nothing was too crazy. French fries with chicken nuggets, richly filled rolls, hot flips, delicious fresh fruit, tender star fillets, bowls full of snacks, not to mention the delicious poffertjes from Uncle Dick Babbet. Enough sweets, chips, ice cream and drinks meant that the kitchen team needed hands. But bellies were full, and that’s what you do it for. Our special thanks also go to Swimming Pool de Waterdam for the hospitality, RKAV and Rene for providing the kitchen, Disco Dobbel for the music equipment and Tol Plaatwerk for the use of the raft. In addition, we would like to thank all the children, volunteers, parent helpers, the night guards, our own chaplain Goos, ring master Roos, our photographer Jenny and indeed everyone who helped us make this camp a success from the heart! We couldn’t have done it without you!

After the fair, we start preparing for the coming year again, and we keep everyone informed about developments via local newspapers and social media. Now we first want to recover and be grateful for what we have been able to experience together.

This camp is made possible in part by: Sondag en Schilder BV, Slijterij De Stient, Pike Patat en Zoon, Kras Recycling BV, Molenaar en Zwarthoed Verzekeringen, Kivo, Rijvo Tegelhandel BV, Cafe-Restaurant de Vrije, Pearl opticians, Contaxus Belastingadviseurs, Veerman and Kemper, Kinderboutique Sanny, Groot & ZN BV, 100% NL Magazine, NBC Van Roemburg and partners, Promo Volendam, Rabobank de Wensboom, Tol Plaatwerk, Mercuurbouw, Vishandel Sier en Jonk, Molenaar en Zwarthoed Verzekeringen, Regiobank, TPS Volendam , HTC de Boer, Metselbedrijf Veerman en Schilder, Tom Schilder, Schildersbedrijf S&V, Unique Finishing, Koning Tegelwerken, Finishing company Berkhout Volendam, Adding company Toet & Verolie, DSD Tegelwerken, Ben Koning Tegelwerken, Schilder Tegelwerken, Axento Asset Management, Lotje Wine & Dine, JE Bouw, Mooijer Volendam, J. Zoetebier Stucadoors, STV Timmerwerken, Tol Stein Metselwerken, BGI Tegelwerken BV, Simple Numbers, Smit Electratechniek, Lockmaster Benelux, Runderk amp Ca tering, Butcher’s Bakery, Butcher’s Shop J and J, Bakery Van Pooy, Snack Bar Roma, Rijkenberg, Freek Schilder Vissnacks, De Sterkip, Dick Babet Tol, Kap Holding BV, Schildersbedrijf Zwarthoed, HSV-ICT, Vishandel Drum en Zonen, FTB Schilderwerken , LNL BV, BKS Cavity Insulation, Bouwdam BV, J-Wise Business Intelligence, Niels de Boer Stucwerken,, Intersport Theo Tol, F. Schokker Maintenance Company, Carlo Tol, Nico Tol HNR, Vishandel Sier, Van Roemburg and Partners, Ben Bootsman, Ed Guijt.

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