The Skoda Vision 7S is not just a study model

When a manufacturer presents a study model, the company wants to send a message. The same is the case with Skoda with the Vision 7S. It is a ‘vision’ of the brand’s future models. Not that the model indicates that all Skodas will be SUVs, but we will see the lines of, among other things, the front and back of several types. Oh yes, the car itself is also coming.

Vision 7S is the future. The automaker introduces a new family face on the studio model. The Czech Volkswagen subsidiary calls it the Tech-Deck, a fancy name for a design made up of actual T-elements. Just look at the pictures. Then the T-shape at the front and back immediately catches the eye. The front light units are made up of narrow light bands. The main lighting is placed in a vertical direction, the running light is arranged in a horizontal line. Together, the elements form a T. Skoda is also playing with the LED strips at the back, which then look like a T. Previously, Skoda chose C in the rear light design. The T is also reflected in the cameras that replace the exterior mirrors.

shoulder part

The shoulder line gets its own name at Skoda, Tornado. This signature forms the dividing line between the sheet metal and the side windows and is intended to further emphasize the shoulders. The Czechs highlight the flat roof as part of the new design style. In the case of the Vision 7S, the roofline continues horizontally for a long time. On the Vision 7S, Skoda has constructed the D-pillar out of triangles. Whether that style is specific to the concept car or whether it will return on all future Skodas is unknown. For that, we have to wait for the new Superb and Kodiaq, which the development department at Skoda is currently working on, as well as the refreshed Octavia. The Vision 7S itself is also moving towards the production stage. The Czechs rarely make a study model without the intention of releasing the car. Studio models preceded the production versions of the Rapid, Enyaq and Superb, for example. The final car will come together with a city car and a compact SUV.

The Vision 7S could be positioned above the Enyaq within the existing delivery program and could be seen as the electric-powered replacement for the Kodiaq. Skoda does not specify how big the car is. It is difficult to judge from the pictures. The Czechs put the Vision 7S on big wheels, 22 inches to be exact, and highlight the footwear with wide fixings on the wheel arches. The black frames should make the car appear taller, while the ground clearance also seems larger. The angular body lines give the concept car a tough look. Skoda indicates that the new design language will be rolled out from next year. Then the first new model following the style comes to market.

The Skoda Student Concept Car makes itself heard again

Skoda nameplate

In addition to the new design language, Skoda is seizing the study model to introduce its new brand weapon. The manufacturer chooses a different style for the Skoda nameplate. The written name is on the front and back and in the interior. The well-known brand coat of arms consisting of the circle of the globe with the winged arrow in it is not depicted anywhere. It seems as if Skoda is getting rid of the time-honored brand weapon. On the threshold is not a Skoda, but the Vision 7S. You will only find this on the rear part of the list, which is immediately visible with all four doors open. Skoda chooses doors that open in the opposite direction.

The door assembly disappears on the production version of the Vision 7S. Because compared to traditional doors, they are too heavy, too complex and less secure. They are necessary for a studio model to be able to present the interior in an excellent way. And that living area is important within the concept car. The Czechs have new ideas for the interior, and the brand likes to show it. For example, there is a child seat in the center tunnel, there is a sticker with a welcome message on the dashboard, the front seats can be rotated, the dashboard slides forward if desired, the floor is made of recycled tires, the upholstery consists of 100% polyester and the touch screen can turn a quarter turn. It is unknown to what extent it will all go into production. The manufacturer will look into it.

Electric powertrain

Sustainability also counts here, and the manufacturer continues this in the drivetrain of the Vision 7S. The car has an electric powertrain. There is no mention of power. Skoda emphasizes the size of the battery pack. The capacity is 89 kWh and the battery can be charged up to 200 kW. With a full battery – on paper – more than 600 km can be covered.

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