Klaas Otto and Gracia K. are allowed to go home after the explosion: ‘Also in the children’s interest’ | Den Bosch, Vught

DEN BOSCH – Former top man of the motorcycle club No Surrender Klaas Otto, his girlfriend Gracia K., her mother and partner are allowed to return to the house at Bossche Stapelen. The prosecutor’s office, the police and the municipality stop the closure of the house and end the curfew imposed on the residents from July 31 to September 1.

On the night between 30 and 31 July, an explosion occurred at the front door of the house. Gracia K’s mother and her partner were in the home during the explosion. They were unharmed. Otto and K. were on holiday with K’s children.

Mayor Jack Mikkers had decided shortly after the explosion to close the building and impose a ban on the area. This will be necessary for the safety of residents in the immediate vicinity.

Camera surveillance maintained

The municipality, the police and the prosecution consider it ‘important to return to a normal situation, also for the sake of the children’. They say they know that not all residents in the immediate vicinity ‘perceive security as sufficiently restored’. Therefore, the camera surveillance that started at the end of July will be maintained until December 1. In addition, the police and municipality would ‘keep their finger on the pulse of the neighbourhood’.

According to the municipality, closing a home covered by a restraining order is ‘severe measures which directly affect the fundamental rights of those covered by the measure’. “The imposition of this must be proportionate. In light of the measures taken in the area, the continued closure of the house and the imposed area bans are no longer proportionate and not legally proportionate and sustainable.

The explosion at the house on Stapelen followed another explosion earlier in the Maaspoort neighbourhood. It caused chaos in the home of a young family on Goedenrade. That would be a ‘failure explosion’.

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This house on Goedenrade was damaged by an explosion. © Meesters Multi Media/ Bart Meesters

The house at Stapelen was filled with an automatic weapon in March 2017. At the time, K. was still living there with her husband Faysal L. Both were convicted of money laundering. According to the courts, the couple would have laundered more than 216,000 euros between January 2013 and December 2016.

The police strongly suspected that the shelling of the house had to be sought in the criminal circuit of Faysal. L. He got a restraining order after the shooting. According to his lawyer Marcel Heuvelmans, it was entirely possible that the attack was not directed at him, but at his mother-in-law. Gracia K’s mother is said to have received death threats in 2017 and was also linked to money laundering.

According to a police spokesman, investigations into both explosions are still ongoing. – We do not want to say anything about that at this time, says the spokesman.

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