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More and more people see the future in decentralized economy. In English, this term is also abbreviated as DeFi. Umami Finance is one of the many DeFi projects, with their innovative ideas to help the adoption of this financial system one step further. This is what the company is trying to do by targeting DeFi’s institutional adoption.

The project tries to do this, among other things, by offering boxes that will generate a sustainable and risk-covered return. This is a relatively new project that was launched in 2022. Are you curious about Umami Finance’s plans and want to learn more about the projects? You will discover it all in this article

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Are you curious about what the Umami Finance platform looks like? You can discover the Umami Finance app in the video below:

What is Umami Finance?

Umami Finance is a crypto project that has entered the crypto market and focuses on decentralized financing for institutional parties. The project is seen as the liquidity provider of Ethereum’s fastest growing layer 2 project. This layer 2 project, also called Arbitrum, Umami Finance has its own finance department and also a growing number of available services. In this way, liquidity can be added, which will promote the growth of the ecosystem.

In this way, Umami Finance tries to ensure sustainable and risk-free Arbitrum returns. In order to become an important player within the Arbitrum ecosystem, Umami Finance will focus on various opportunities to earn a passive income with DeFi in the future.

In addition to the possibility of generating a passive income, Umami Finance can also become an interesting project in the future when the Nitro upgrade is completed. This update will ensure that Umami Finance will be one of Ethereum’s fastest and most gas-efficient scaling chains.

The third positive feature of Umami Finance is the project’s treasury. Thanks to this treasury, an actual floor has been realized, which is considered the price floor of the coin in Umami Finance, called UMAMI. The treasury of Umami Finance is fully funded by the project itself. The project is very careful with the treasury, which is carefully preserved.

Umami Finance Roadmap: what are the future plans?

The Umami Finance team has prepared a roadmap for the second part of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. In this roadmap you can discover the different goals of the project. Roadmaps are useful for seeing what a project is focusing on and also for discovering whether projects are meeting their goals.

At the time of writing (August 2022), we are in the third quarter of 2022. This means that the Umami Finance team is busy working on goals related to the services that the project will offer. You can also expect the V2 whitepaper soon!

The goals that are likely to be of greatest value to investors and users will hopefully be achieved in Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. During this period, Umami Finance’s services and products will most likely be launched for you to use! To find the full timetable, please see the image below:

Is Umami Finance safe?

Because Umami Finance was founded in 2022, it can be said that we are dealing with a relatively young crypto project. People are often skeptical of new projects and with good reason. Without a track record, you are less reliable as a project because you cannot provide data. Therefore, it is convenient that Umami Finance is audited by Zokyo.

Zokyo reviewed Umami Finance and concluded that the project is low risk. This applies to the smart contacts and also to the USDC Vault. On July 13, Zokyo came with this good news. Through this post, it was announced on LinkedIn that Zokyo has taken a closer look at the project and the outcome of the review has been positive.

Would you like to stay informed about all the news about Umami Finance? Then you’re in luck, because you can continue to follow the crypto project through various social media channels! There are currently four different channels where you can keep an eye on Umami Finance, where the team is not equally active everywhere.

This is how you can get Umami Finance via Twitter follow. Together with 12,000 other followers, you can discover the team’s different tweets every day. Most people follow the project through this channel. The 12,000 followers on Twitter are more than the number of followers on other channels combined.

After Twitter, most people follow the project via Discord. There are more than 6,000 members on Discord who keep informed about Umami Finance this way. If you’d rather follow the project by reading current articles, Medium might be the place for you! Through Medium, Umami Finance shares various updates and details, with nearly 400 followers following along.

The fourth social media channel is YouTube. On this video platform, the Umami Finance team has shared two AMAs. Also, there are no videos, so it’s no surprise that there are few subscribers to be found. At the moment, YouTube is not making a significant contribution to the project, but who knows, that may change in the future.


Umami Finance is a relatively young project, which means that investing in this project involves certain risks. By wanting to promote adoption by institutional parties, the project has hit a specific niche. The team’s plans could be very lucrative for investors and users. However, we are talking about a new project, so the plans must come true first.

If the Nitro upgrade is successful and Arbitrum gets more interest as a result, but also because of the opportunity to build a passive income, interest in Umami Finance may grow. In my view, it is therefore a project to keep a close eye on. If you are considering investing in UMAMI yourself, it is important that you do your own research into the project. As the slogan for AOC reads: learn first, then invest!

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