How to Buy Tamadoge and Tamadoge Price Forecast 2022

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Tamadoge (TAMA) is one of the newest and most interesting cryptocurrency tokens we have seen in recent months. This promising crypto project looks like one meme coinbut with real functionality the crypto may be well on its way to hebe the success in 2022.

What exactly is the project and what are the price expectations for TAMA? You can find that in this article along with the latest information and how to buy the crypto in a practical step-by-step plan.

Do you want to invest and buy TAMA directly? Then scroll down. Do you want to know more about this crypto project first, or read a first price prediction? Then start directly below at the first sub-heading.

What is Tamadog?

Tamadoge is a new crypto project with its own cryptocurrency: TAMA. It is apparently a meme coin similar to well-known tokens like dogecoin (DOGE), shiba inu (SHIB) and floki (FLOKI), but below is an attractive play to earn cryptogame hides from players and investors.

In recent weeks, TAMA has surprised friend and foe by quickly selling 200 million tokens in a pre-sale. The project has already raised more than €7 million TAMA pre-sale. Thus, the crypto seems to be sold out before the deadline.

Tamadoge is an online game that takes place in a world of its own: the Tamaverse. You play with your Tamadoge, a unique digital pet recorded as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain. Not only do you raise your Tamadoge, but you can also take care of it and give it things. When your pet is an adult, it can compete against other Tamadoges and compete on the leaderboard.

If your Tamadoge performs well, you as a player will receive a reward of a number of TAMA tokens. These can be used to purchase in-game items from their own online pet shop. You can also craft and/or trade a new Tamadoge as an NFT. This is known as play-to-earn games and allows players to earn money by playing.

What is the Tamadoge price forecast?

TAMAIt is not yet possible to make an exact prediction about the Tamadoge price. Although it is currently already possible to buy Tamadoge in the pre-sale, the cryptocurrency is not yet listed on an exchange.

The Tamadoge price is therefore only determined by the price in the presale, and will be determined by supply and demand after listing on a crypto exchange.

We can make a Tamadoge price prediction based on other successful pre-sales from recent times such as Battle Infinity. This cryptocurrency was launched after a successful pre-sale listed on the PancakeSwap exchange and then surged 700% from its pre-sale price.

What is the current Tamadoge price?

The current Tamadoge price is therefore the price at which the TAMA token is available in the presale. It is important to know that the pre-sale takes place in phases whereby 100 million TAMA are always offered. After this, the price for the next round increases.

For example, at the time of writing, 1 USDT is worth 50 TAMA. It was 57.14 TAMA in the previous round and will be only 44.44 TAMA in the next phase.

The sooner investors get involved, the cheaper the Tamadoge price will be and the more beneficial the final Tamadoge price will be to them.

How does Tamadoge Coin Buy work in the presale?

Are you considering buying Tamadoge as a serious addition to your portfolio, or does it seem like buying Tamadoge because of the play-to-earn game? Then you are probably the most advantageous to buy Tamadoge during the pre-sale.

In the previous section, we have already briefly explained how this pre-sale works. In short: The price of TAMA in the pre-sale varies from phase to phase and keeps getting higher. In such a phase, however, the price is fixed, and you are not dependent on supply and demand on the market.

You don’t need much to buy Tamadoge. Your own crypto wallet containing ethereum (ETH) or tether (USDT) is enough. Tamadoge also has the option to buy this crypto directly through a partner with a payment card and use it in the pre-sale.

In the step-by-step plan below, we explain exactly how buying Tamadoge crypto works. The step-by-step plan for buying Tamadoge may look intimidating, but it’s actually very simple. For example, a good crypto wallet can be downloaded for free as an app.

Step-by-step plan Tamadoge Crypto Buy and Invest in Tamadoge Price Forecast

Want to take advantage of the Tamadoge price forecast? Then it is best to buy Tamadoge coin now via the pre-sale. It is expected that the Tamadoge price after listing on a stock exchange will be higher in price than during the pre-sale.

Step 1 – Install a cryptocurrency wallet

Start by downloading a crypto wallet. Suitable wallets for buying Tamadoge can be downloaded for free MetaMask and Trust Wallet.


Step 2 – Have USDT or ETH in your crypto wallet

Tamadoge can be purchased with 3 payment methods. This is to pay directly with tether (USDT) or ethereum (ETH). For this this crypto must be in your wallet. It may be necessary to send it to the wallet address.

You can also use a payment card through Tamadoge’s partner, which provides allows you to directly buy ETH and convert it to TAMA. This can be done on Tamadoge’s pre-sales website.

Step 3 – Connect to Tamadoge website for coin purchase

Visit the official Buy Tamadoge website of the project to do this. Click the “Connect Wallet” button and confirm the link.

Connect the wallet

Step 4 – Confirm Buy Tamadoge (TAMA)

Enter the amount of ETH or USDT you want to invest or the amount of TAMA you want to buy. Then confirm the transaction on the website by clicking ‘Convert’. The wallet will also ask you to definitely approve the transaction.


Step 5 – Buy Tamadoge Add contract to wallet

Finally, add the official Tamadoge contract to the wallet. This is necessary if you don’t automatically see the TAMA in the wallet, and you can do that via the settings. Add the token manually here by clicking the ‘Import Token’ button (in MetaMask) and filling in the information below:

Tamadog contract:

  • Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token symbol: TAMA

Conclusion: Tamadoge Price and Buy Tamadoge in 2022

It is not yet possible to make a final statement about the Tamadoge price forecast. For example, historical data and price data that we need for a technical analysis are missing because the cryptocurrency is still so new that it is not registered with an exchange.

What we know about the Tamadog price is that investors are currently a lot Buy Tamadog. Through the pre-sale, in which Buy Tamadog is possible for everyone, more than €7 million in capital has now been raised.

Comparable pre-sales are also a good indicator of possible future success. Prices have regularly risen hundreds of percent after pre-sales in the past, and given Tamadog’s popularity, this seems like a viable option. Therefore, keep a close eye on the Tamadoge track.

The above article is a submitted piece and is not the responsibility of Crypto Insider. This is not financial advice and our analysts are not financial advisors. Investment involves risks. Always consult an advisor when making financial decisions. The information and tips on this website are for educational purposes only.

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