SPECIAL – How does Ferrari view Dutch Grand Prix at CM.com Circuit Zandvoort? + PHOTOS

A week after the Spa-Francorchamps race, Scuderia Ferrari is ready for the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, which returned to the calendar last year after an absence of 36 seasons. This year, Ferrari is fighting a fierce battle with Red Bull for the lead in the F1 Constructors’ Championship, a battle that will also erupt again at Zandvoort. How does Ferrari see this? So three questions for Marco Adurno (Head Vehicle Performance).

Marco Adurno, Head Vehicle Performance Scuderia Ferrari

1. Can you tell us where your passion for motorsport comes from and how you ended up at Ferrari?
“My passion was born as a child, when I watched Ferrari in Formula 1 in my father’s arms and dreamed of one day also becoming part of that world. That dream was on the back burner until 2007 when I got the chance to work in an English team, an experience that then helped me fulfill my desire to be part of Scuderia Ferrari in 2019″.


2. Can you tell us something about the characteristics of the Zandvoort circuit?
“The current track layout has been completely overhauled compared to the 1980s when the Grand Prix was fixed on the calendar (until 1985). It now has a large number of medium and high speed turns which are very demanding on the cars and drivers. The presence of high camber values ​​is also a unique feature, with Turn 3 and Turn 14 offering a cant of no less than 16 degrees”.


3. This track is a test track for tires, especially the front tires. How do you approach such a race?
“The characteristics of the track put a lot of pressure on the tyres, especially the front tyres. The key to qualifying is being able to drive with high aerodynamic balance in mid- and high-speed corners without compromising the car’s stability. As far as the race is concerned, on the other hand, it is necessary to find the right mix between a set-up that protects the tires and at the same time tries to meet the driver’s wishes.”

Mattia_Binotto_and_Laurent_Mekie's F1 Ferrari
Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto (left) and Laurent_Mekies (right)

How does Ferrari look on the dune track?
The course measures 4,259 meters with 72 laps remaining. Because it is built on the coast, it is often swept by the wind, sometimes so strongly that it affects the behavior of the single seats and covers the asphalt with sand. The course is known for its significant elevation changes and has several sections known and loved by enthusiasts. The Tarzan turn should certainly not be forgotten in this context, a sharp right turn at the end of the straight, characterized by a small rise, further on the Rob Slotemaker turn and the fast and blind right turn called Scheivlak. For last year’s return to the calendar, turns 3 and 14 have an overhang, with the latter even raised to a 16-degree incline. This allows drivers to swing at a much higher speed. In the case of turn 3, this is now even possible at two different heights. However, the narrow track and twisty design do not facilitate overtaking and require a lot of downforce (ed.). The qualification will therefore be of fundamental importance. There are two DRS zones: between turns 10 and 11 and on the straight. In free practice, the opening of the mobile wing is also activated in the last corner, the Arie Luyendyk corner, which bears the name of the world-famous Dutch Indy 500 winner.

Carlos_Sainz_wins_GP_Great Britain
Carlos Sainz wins British GP 2022

Ferrari statistics:
Drove general practitioners: 1044
Number of seasons in F1: 73, from Monaco 1950
Debut: A. Ascari 2nd, R. Sommer 4th, L. Villoresi DNF
Wins: 242 (23.18%)
Pole position: 239 (22.89%)
Fastest laps: 259 (24.81%)
Total podium places: 790 (25.22%)

Charles_Leclerc_versus_Carlos_Sainz F1 Ferrari 2022
Loyal Ferrari teammates in 2022: Charles Leclerc (left) and Carlos Sainz (right)

Ferrari statistics in combination with GP Holland:
Drove general practitioners: 30
Debut: in 1952, A. Ascari 1st, G. Farina 2nd, L. Villoresi 3rd, C. De Tornaco DNF
Won: 8 (27.67%)
Pole position: 7 (23.33%)
Fastest laps: 10 (33.33%)
Total podiums: 24 (26.67%)

Charles_Leclerc_winner_GP_Austria F1 Ferrari
Charles Leclerc, Austrian GP winner

GP Holland in figures and facts
1. The Dutch who raced in Formula 1 in Ferrari-powered cars. The first was Robert Doornbos, who drove three F1 races in 2006 at the wheel of a Red Bull, resulting in a twelfth place (China and Brazil) and a thirteenth place (Japan). The following year, Christijan Albers drove nine races with Spyker, his best result being 14th in Bahrain and Spain, while the last is Max Verstappen, who ran four races in 2016 with Scuderia Toro Rosso. The 2021 F1 world champion was the only points scorer, finishing sixth in Bahrain and eighth in China. The Scuderia has never had Dutch drivers in Formula 1.


GP Holland in figures and facts
2. There have been several versions of the Zandvoort circuit since it was created in 1939, when the Ferrari factory was also inaugurated. Until 1971 the runway was 4,193 meters long, in 1972 and 1980 the runway was extended to 4,226 and 4,252 meters respectively. In 1990, it was reduced to 2,526 meters – since it was practically only used for Formula 3 – and then also reached its maximum length (4,307 meters). Since 2020, the course measures 4,259 metres.

Ferrari will qualify in P5 and P6 at Zandvoort in 2021

GP Holland in figures and facts
3. All editions of the Dutch Grand Prix were held at the Zandvoort circuit. Of all the GPs that were held on a circuit, the Dutch one is in third place. The hosts of several Grand Prix are those at Monte Carlo, which has hosted the Monaco Grand Prix 68 times, and the Hungaroring, home of the 37 editions of the Hungarian Grand Prix.


GP Holland in figures and facts
4. The average number of overtakes in the last five Dutch Grand Prix. In 1983 there were 65, ten of which were scored by René Arnoux, who then won the race with the Ferrari 126 C3. Last year, however, there were 23 position changes: the race saw Max Verstappen win as the Ferrari SF21s finished fifth with Charles Leclerc and seventh with Carlos Sainz.

Ferrari_Charles_Leclerc_action GP Spa Francorchamps 2022

The F1 cars will run on Friday at 12:30 local time for the first hour of free practice and at 16:00 for the second. The last free training session is scheduled for Saturday at 12.00 in preparation for the qualification at 3 p.m. The 32nd Dutch Grand Prix, which counts towards the Formula 1 World Championship Forza Ferrari, starts on Sunday at the same time at 15:00!


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