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Kansino has spoken out against the upcoming advertising ban for online casinos. In a reply to internetconsultatie.nl, Kansino’s director Klas Winberg says that he “strongly disagrees” with certain parts of the decision.

The applicable rules regarding advertising for online casinos are set out in the ‘Order on recruitment, advertising and gambling addiction prevention in connection with the restriction of recruitment and advertising activities for high-risk gambling’. The upcoming advertising ban is an amendment to this regulation and is therefore set out in the ‘Order amending the order on recruitment, advertising and prevention of gambling in connection with the restriction of recruitment and advertising activities for high-risk games of chance’.

On 10 July, the draft amending decision was sent for consultation at internetconsultatie.nl/kansspelbedrijven. Those involved can respond until next Sunday (September 4).

The first licensee to respond to the advertising ban is the Kansino owner Play North Limited. Play North’s managing director Klas Winberg writes that he “strongly disagrees with certain parts” of the draft amendment decision.

According to Winberg, the decision as it stands will create unfair competition on the market, partly because the advertising ban does not apply to land-based casinos. He singles out Holland Casino as a party that can continue its marketing efforts because it also has fourteen country-specific branches, while Kansino, as an “online-only” provider, cannot. Later, Winberg also names the other “hybrid” providers: TOTO, Fair Play Online and Jack’s.

Winberg sees a danger in the decision about the canalisation. People will be more exposed to illegal providers if the decision is changed according to the current draft, the Swedish CEO said.

Internet consultation on gambling

To date, 11 responses have been submitted, with more to follow today and this weekend.

The world of affiliates has also responded. The KVA quality mark has taken the lead in this area. In its response, KVA has focused on a specific part of the decision, which states that websites must be able to ensure that someone who is presented with information does not fall within a risk group. Kansino also cited this specific part of the amendment decision.

CasinoNieuws.nl and Emveepee bv also responded to internetconsultatie.nl and, like KVA and Kansino, concentrated on this member.

In addition to Kansino and the three reactions from the affiliate world, Jan Wienk from L&L Europe and Raymond Aronds from Stichting Landelijk Info Centrum Kansspelen also reacted. There were also several anonymous comments.


Play Norths Batavia Casino belonged to the first group of 10 legal online casinos in the Netherlands. It went live as the fifth provider in the Netherlands on October 6. On February 17, Play North changed the name of Batavia Casino to Kansino. The advertisements from first Batavia Casino and later Kansino are known for the slogan “Yes yes, Batavia!” and the confetti exploding in people’s faces in commercials.

Just before the ban on the use of role models, Kansino announced with Dries Roelvink, Dennis Weening and Ruben van der Meer. In total, Kansino has spent nearly $20 million on advertising since its launch, according to research firm Nielsen. Since June 13, Kansino has been the jersey sponsor for AZ. ChristenUnie objected to this agreement in Alkmaar.

Play North is a member of the trade association VNLOK, which also includes the four previously named providers, which also have a country-specific offer.

In addition to Kansino, Play North also operates Pikakansino, Rocket Casino and Kiirkasiino.

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