Six hundred children have a wonderful time during Huttenweek

Castricum/Limmen/Akersloot – Traditionally, the last week of the school holidays ends with the building of a Timmerdorp. This time around six hundred children participated in the three village centres. The beautiful weather and the cooperation created a pleasant atmosphere. The editors made a tour of the three Timmerdorpen.

By Henk de Reus

In Limm, the children can unleash their creativity on the theme ‘On the farm’ this time. Jop, Seth, Mees, Abel, Mitch, Collin, Sil and Ramon prove with their farm at Orchard No. 1-2 what cooperation can lead to. It has become a complete farm with indoor and outdoor stables for the cattle and storage for hay. There are sheep and chickens outside. Well, go? The chickens do not sit ‘on’ a stick, but ‘on’ a stick that sticks into the ground. This also applies to the sheep. In front of the yard is a mailbox and a milk can. Seth has a thing for farmers. “They work long hours milking their cows, and they never take a holiday. If the milk doesn’t end up in the supermarket, we don’t have any more milk.” A truth like a cow.

Almost indistinguishable from the real thing: a real farm with all the trimmings.

To show their support for the farmers, the boys have placed an upside-down flag in front of the farm. A little further on, Evie (9) tries to insert a wire nail of at least 10 centimeters into the tree. It turns out to be quite a task to hit the nail on the head.

It takes Evie an effort at first to hit the nail on the head.

Knights and damsels

In the carpenter’s village in Akersloot, the theme is ‘Knights and girls’. You enter the workshop via a large medieval castle bridge. At the top, Dutch flags are shown on both sides, this time not the other way around. It takes some getting used to… In terms of entertainment, everything has been thought of. There is a waterslide, swimming pools to cool off in, bouncy castles and a real climbing wall. The well-known voice of the lecturer Joke de Wit, referred to by all as ‘Juf Joke’, echoes across the grounds. “The children who haven’t had an ice cream yet can get one from the volunteers’ tent.” Auck (10) and Jimmy (11) have already finished their ice cream. Their cabin is still under construction. They carry pallets over their heads and bring them to the workshop.

Auck and Jimmy haul pallets to their cabin.

The ‘Jømers’ Daphne, Saar, Liv and July have given their castle cabin a cozy feminine feel. The cabin is decorated with flowers and with lights that run on solar energy. These should make it attractive in the evening. To receive the knight in shining armor, everything must of course look tip-top. Although the knight has not yet arrived, his (stick) horse is already waiting next to the cabin. It’s discovered, so it doesn’t become a knight in shining armor.

Daphne, Sarah. Liv and July keep the cabin top notch.

On the outside of the carpenter’s village, a number of children perform break-neck feats on a climbing wall. daunting.

Glories on the climbing wall.

Fifteen years with TiDoCa

The carpenter village of Castricum has no theme. The Timmerdorp Castricum Foundation (TiDoCa for short) turns fifteen this year. Time to put the flowers out. This is done with all kinds of games in between building. Finn and Ovhus use their newly made seesaw in a timeout.

Time out for Finn and Ovhus.

A little further on, Mel, Moos and Hugo from Willem de Zwijgerlaan (WDZ) announce that pan beer can be ordered. They have just installed the joists on the third floor of their cabin. The flag with WDZ is now raised at the top. Mel has already confiscated the first floor as ‘his room’.

Mel, Moos and Hugo have just reached the highest peak in their hut and are happy to tell you.

Mark Braams is already volunteering at Timmerdorp for the third time. He works in construction and arranged for his employer to provide wood. Like most other volunteers, he took vacation days to be there again. In his case, two weeks. Wouldn’t he rather have been in Ibiza? Mark: Absolutely not! This is much more fun. It’s a virus that you get infected with and that you can’t get rid of. No one can take that away from me, not even my employer.” It shows the pleasure with which the volunteers are engaged in giving the children a good week.

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