Special | HP Victus gaming laptops

Special | HP Victus Gaming Laptops – We’ve already discussed several HP hardware products here on PlaySense, though primarily accessories. Now it’s time to take a look at a product that you can actually play on. HP has launched a range of notebook models under the name ‘Victus’. There are a few versions that you can use and in this article we look at what Victus has to offer. We even had the opportunity to try out one of these laptops to find out exactly what we’re dealing with. Read more about HP’s gaming laptops here.

Elegant and business-like design

In the early days, HP often released systems intended for the business market. These roots are reflected in the Victus line, which is not extravagant. No crazy colors or LED lighting, or weird notches in the design. No, it’s all designed as tightly as possible so that the Victus comes across as a portable line without too much fuss. Despite the slim design, it is not boring. The balance has been found nicely, so the laptop looks solid. On the top of the laptop you have the silver colored Victus logo and when you open the device it all looks nice.

From left to right you have a long speaker grill that is machined above the keyboard. It contains Bang & Olufsen speakers for good sound from your laptop. The keyboard is also nice to use, which is ideal for doing your office work on it, but also for gaming. On the sides of the laptop you will find the necessary connections, including a USB-C connection, HDMI 2.1 and the usual other ports. It’s what you’d expect from it, but at the bottom of the range, a laptop from the Victus series comes out very well.

Big screen, could be a little nicer

Victus laptops come in different sizes and in our case we were introduced to the 16” model. There are also 15 and 17 inch models. Excellent formats, all of which are also manageable in terms of weight. The screen itself is very important here to discuss in more detail. When we used it, we were a little shy because it has some faded colors. Even with only 250 nits, the screen is not very bright. Since it is a gaming laptop after all, we expected more from this. Also because it is profiled as an IPS screen, but we have the idea that it is a VA panel. The image is matte and in combination with a resolution of 1080p we are simply not blown away by the image result.

Modest specifications

Don’t expect powerhouses in the Victus line. The laptops are usually equipped with XX50 (Ti) or XX60 cards from Nvidia. One of the better models includes an RTX 3060, so you can play some games on it. An i7 processor is not particularly bad either and in combination with an SSD you can quickly get started. An HP Victus16-d1495nd (with the aforementioned specs) sells quickly for around €1700 at retail. Still a hefty price. So who is this line really meant for? Because of its business roots, we suspect this laptop should form a bit of a hybrid for people who want to use it for business but aren’t averse to firing up a game every now and then. With the juice in it, such a laptop also lasts a bit longer than an average €700 system, which is a good point.

A fine brand, but there is more to it

HP has an interesting product on its hands. They are affordable laptops that you can use for both business and leisure gaming. With an excellent battery life (around 8 hours with most models) you have a fine working device. The screen is just one part that HP should pay more attention to, because it has managed to please us the least. When gaming, you just want striking colors, and the Victus falls short in that regard. It is really intended for a casual gaming audience and Victus fortunately has enough for that, even if the price can be called a bit debatable. For the rest, it’s a nice laptop line, and HP has a lot of room for improvement.

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