Sports accommodation De Bijlen before the planning phase: participation, sustainability and traffic

A large multifunctional sports facility in De Bijlen. The idea is there, but the plans seem to take a while. In the ‘pre-planning phase’, several factors are taken into account, such as participation, traffic and parking options.

During the city council meeting on 7 July, Caroline Blom (CU) had doubts about the new sports accommodation in Bijlen. She wondered, for example, what the parking lot will look like, how the municipality will ensure that traffic is regulated on busy days, how the new sports facilities will be divided and what the development regarding participation is.


“The sports associations would like to think along and participate in the discussion. MAX has not heard anything yet. The residents on the ‘other side’, in the Marnixstraat, do not know anything. And, we do not want a participation process during the summer holidays if there is no one at all available”, Caroline Blom said on 7 July.

When asked in what way and for how long the sports association and other stakeholders can contribute to the plans, the main board replied: “After the council has taken a positive decision on building an MFS, all parties will be included in the project structure, in which, among other things, . Requirements program has been implemented. developed.”

They also state that they have already had discussions with various sports associations. After it has been decided whether MFS is to be built, local residents will be included in the planning. They then receive an update approximately every two months, after which they can give feedback.

Traffic and parking

The current car park in Bijlen will be developed. Blom therefore wondered where trucks would park if that parking space were to disappear. “There has been an internal investigation where various locations have been investigated. 2 locations are currently being further elaborated on feasibility”, according to the commission.

There will be a multi-level parking garage for visitors to MFS. The commission also believes that De Bijlen can cope with the increase in traffic. “If cyclists obey the traffic rules, it’s safe. The intersection Oranje Nassausingel, De Bijlen and Van Boetzelaerstraat is not optimal for cyclists. This makes it very tempting for cyclists to ride against traffic that is not safe. One option is to realize a double cycle path on Bijlen, which will be at the expense of greenery, but will improve traffic safety.”


The design of a sports facility is crucial, says Caroline Blom. “Sports associations have requirements for accommodation, requirements that must be met in order for league matches to be officially played. Different sports require different floors. Space is also needed for sufficient stands.” She therefore wondered whether associations will get permanent places in the home, and whether there is already a preliminary proposal for the home.

“There is no proposal for programming the MFS yet. The starting point is that due to the height and wide extension possibilities, rhythmic gymnastics and basketball are programmed in the MFS. The basic principle regarding events is that the events can be planned 12 times a year,” explains In addition, permanent placements for various sports associations will be taken into account.


In order to keep construction affordable and contribute to the climate agreement, the question was also asked whether the municipality already had plans for sustainable construction of the homes. The municipality says that they have carried out an investigation into possible implementations. “Among other things, energy, climate adaptation, circular and bio-based construction were investigated,” the college begins.

“The principles included in the city council’s decision include a high level of energy performance (minimum energy-neutral construction). This can be achieved, for example, with ground energy and heat pumps and solar energy. In addition, the requirements for circularity, which follow from the City Agreement on circular and bio-based construction signed by the municipality, will be coordinated as much as possible,” they continue. Climate-adapted construction has also been considered.

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