New Apple Watches revealed: also Ultra model for athletes

Apple Watch Series 8 again has a larger screen than the previous models with even thinner screen frames. The cap design on the Series 8 looks the same as last year’s Series 7. These models are available in 41 and 45 millimeter sizes.

A new temperature sensor is mainly aimed at women’s health. Three years ago, the Apple Watch already got a special app that allows women to track their menstrual cycle. Thanks to the new temperature function, the Apple Watch Series 8 can report when ovulation occurs. This is done by keeping track of the woman’s temperature at night, with an accuracy of up to 0.1 degrees.

A small but measurable rise in body temperature may indicate ovulation. New to all existing Apple Watch and iPhone models is the addition of an abnormal menstrual cycle notification, which could indicate underlying issues. Apple emphasizes that such health data is only stored and sent encrypted so that unauthorized persons cannot access it.

Registration of car accidents

The Apple Watch Series 8 also has new security features. The watch can detect car accidents with a new accelerometer and gravity sensor. With these sensors and a special algorithm, the Apple Watch Series 8 can detect whether the user has been in a car accident.

There is also an air pressure gauge in the watch that detects the deployment of an airbag. The watch then automatically calls the emergency services and also sends the GPS location. The collision detection only works when the user is in the car, and the information is only processed and stored on the watch itself.

Economic condition

The Apple Watch also gets a new power saving mode. Then the battery life is extended from 18 hours to a maximum of 36 hours. Such a state already existed, but then users only saw the time. Now users can continue to use most of the features. The new power saving mode is part of watchOS 9 and works on Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

Apple Watch Series 8 is available in aluminum in the colors midnight, starlight, silver and red. There is also a stainless version, in the colors silver, gold and graphite. There are also special versions in collaboration with Nike and Hermès, with special dials and different bracelets.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available today and will ship on September 16. In the Netherlands, the Series 8 costs from 499 euros.

Updated Apple Watch SE

The entry-level Apple Watch is the cheaper SE. The watch is now available in the colors midnight, straight and silver. The model is still available in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes. The new Apple Watch SE runs on the same S8 chip as the Series 8. The new SE also has the new crash detection, as well as previous features such as fall detection.

Apple Watch SE costs in the Netherlands from 299 euros.

Apple Watch Ultra

Brand new is a third copy of the Apple Watch, aimed at extreme athletes. The Apple Watch Ultra has a larger 49 millimeter case, made of reinforced titanium. The new completely flat screen is covered by a thicker piece of scratch-resistant sapphire glass. The screen is the brightest Apple Watch screen ever with a brightness of up to 2000 nits. It should always make the screen easy to read.

New is an extra button on the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra. Users can link all kinds of features to it. Apple Watch’s familiar rotating crown is much larger than usual on the Ultra model. So it is easier for athletes to operate.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a standard battery life of 36 hours, with a power saving mode that should last up to 60 hours on a single charge. The watch also has special dials aimed at extreme athletes, with night mode and compass on the screen.

For divers, riders, climbers and more

Also new are watch straps for athletes. Different straps are available for different sports, such as an extra light and thin strap for endurance athletes and a thick rubber strap with extra closure for water sports enthusiasts.

The watch also supports an additional GPS version. As a result, the clock must be more accurate in urban areas. According to Apple, it is aimed at, for example, marathons. The adjustable button on the left can be set by triathletes to quickly switch between swimming, cycling and running.

The action button can also be used by hikers and climbers to leave digital breadcrumbs. These accurate GPS points also take altitude into account and should make it easier to find your way back if the wearer gets lost. Also new: a depth gauge for divers that can accurately show the diving depth. The watch is suitable for a depth of 40 meters and is tested according to the industry standard EN13319.

Apple Watch Ultra costs 999 euros in the Netherlands.

Also iPhone 14 and new AirPods Pro

Apple also unveiled the new iPhone 14 in four versions and the new AirPods Pro at the fall event tonight.

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