These are the nominees for the OV Innovation Award

Innovation award awarded at RailTech. Photo: ProMedia.

The coveted OV innovation award will be awarded for the first time at OV Expo ’22. The nominees have now been selected and announced. Below is a brief introduction to the five participants. In the run-up to the OV Expo on October 6, each innovation will be individually highlighted on

It is important to keep innovating, which is why we are creating the OV Innovation Award for the first time this year. With this award, we are looking for the best innovation in the public transport sector. Below are the nominees:

Subscription form Zeeland Advantage

Zeeland Voordeel is a new, smart subscription form for public transport that thinks with the traveller. With traditional subscriptions with the traveler, you need to consider each month or even a year in advance how much they will use public transport and which subscription will best suit it. It is sometimes quite difficult. But this does not apply to Zeeland Voordeel. Travelers register once and are always relieved afterwards: If you travel more, you automatically get a bigger discount. You never pay more than 130 euros in a month. And if you don’t travel, you don’t pay anything. Because Zeeland Advantage is free. In this way, we make public transport much more flexible, fairer and simpler.

To relieve travelers with Zeeland Voordeel, Transdev has combined the tariff concepts ‘rebate discount’ and ‘monthly cap’. Travelers check in and out with the personal OV chip card. There are already more than 4000 users. Ultimately, we want to offer this concept on payment cards (EMV) using the national OVpay program.

RET innovation tram

The RET innovation tram is a vehicle that is in operation and in which pilots and experiments are used to improve the service. The aim is to make it easier for passengers, tram drivers and other road users and to improve the maintenance of the vehicles. These include sensors that monitor the state of maintenance, measures to further improve traffic safety, and adjustments to the tram’s interior that are at the service of travelers. Examples of this are the deflection of light so that tram drivers are less bothered by reflections in the windscreen and the use of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). For travelers, comfort is improved by, for example, an LED strip near the doors that flashes green when the doors are opened and flashes red when the doors are closed. This promotes traffic flow and safety.

Ebusco 3.0

Ebusco 3.0 breaks the boundaries of current bus design in the pursuit of sustainable public transport. Not only through the use of composite materials in the structure of the main body, but

also through the approach of focusing the design on passenger comfort, operator support and Total Cost of Ownership. By choosing two smaller electric motors close to the wheels, there is a lot of space for the driveline. This also gives more room for the passengers around the rear axle, but even better a completely flat floor from driver to rear seat. The light body makes it possible to mount the rear axle with a single wheel instead of the usual double wheels. In addition to lower rolling resistance, this provides more space for passengers. In addition, the freedom of form of composite has made it possible to make the bus easily rounded, giving it its spatial design.

The Ebusco 3.0 is approximately 27% lighter than the next lightest electric bus of Ebusco’s main competitors, enables a range on a single charge of up to 575 km and has an estimated average lifetime of 25 years. Together with its cobalt-free battery technology, the Ebusco 3.0 is a very cost-effective electric bus.

Bus stopRRTrip

Qarin and 9292 have given Flex-OV in the Netherlands a new dimension: From 3 April HaltetaxiRRReis will operate in the province of Gelderland. HaltetaxiRRReis is a flex public transport service that is used in addition to public transport. Qarin has developed a public transport test for this service, which ensures that Haltetaxaen is only offered if there are no other public transport alternatives. As a result, the Haltetaxaen is offered in areas where public transport is retreating or at times when public transport has to be scaled back, and is a solution to the disappearance of public transport lines due to Covid cutbacks and failure due to staff shortages . This innovative service is connected to the Travel Planner of 9292. In this, HaltetaxiRRReis is not only reflected in the (chain) travel advice in the planner, but the trip can also be booked and paid for at the same time, making it an integral part of the travel advice offered.

Condition-based and predictive maintenance

Timely maintenance or replacement of equipment is essential in public transport. Both for the safety of travelers and staff and to minimize costs. Whether it is buses or fixed assets, by applying smart analysis techniques to the increasingly available data, significant savings are possible by keeping the equipment in good condition. These techniques are called condition-based or predictive maintenance. With this in mind, Lynxx, together with ProRail, has developed a series of solutions that predict when different parts of the rails need to be replaced or need urgent maintenance. For example, we have developed a model that indicates which switches urgently require overhaul and maintenance. By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to the measurements of the switches, we can predict which switches have a high (>20%) chance of failure within the next two weeks.

These techniques have now been used for the first time at ProRail and are an important next step in making better use of data. Of course, comparable analyzes can be applied to many more assets in public transport. We are convinced that condition-based and predictive maintenance will take off in public transport in the coming years!

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These are the five nominations for the OV Innovation Award. The award will be presented at OV Expo ’22. Vote here for your favorite innovation and who knows, it could win the coveted prize!

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