SMC shows core themes at WoTS together with customers • AT-Drive technology

At WoTS, SMC shows customer applications and pays attention to sustainability, food and machine safety (photo: SMC)

SMC is back at the WoTS fair in Utrecht, from the 27th to the 30th of September. The stand (Hall 11 A040) focuses on sustainability, food and machine safety. The setup is different this time. The company presents its core themes in collaboration with customers.

Sleegers Technique is active in the meat processing industry, where food safety has the highest priority. SMC works closely with Sleegers to design its machines even safer and more hygienic. SMC components are used in Sleegers’ underleaver machine at the fair:

EHEDG coupling

In the food industry, components must be used that comply with strict hygiene regulations, as they may come into contact with final consumer products. The KFG2H-E series from SMC consists of the world’s first and to date only EHEDG certified pneumatic couplings (type EL class I Aux). Thanks to the hygienic design of polished stainless steel, there is no accumulation of liquids and dirt, which benefits hygiene and food safety. The coupling can be effectively cleaned very quickly.

Clean design IP69K valves

The clean design valve island from SMC with IP69K valves is specially designed for applications in the food and beverage industry. These valves withstand regular cleaning. The valve is distinguished by a high flow rate, low power consumption and IO-Link point-to-point communication for optimal control in production lines.

Hygienic cylinders in stainless steel

Hygienic stainless steel cylinders are used in Sleegers’ machine. These durable cylinders are suitable for use in wet areas in the food and pharmaceutical industries. A special blue scraper complies with FDA and EU 1935/2004 guidelines for food safety.

Bacon food equipment

Bakon Food Equipment is a specialist in machinery for the bakery sector. The Pico ultrasonic cutting machine is a new model from Bakon for cutting cakes and pastries in various shapes. This machine has been developed in close collaboration with SMC. Important requirements were safety, a compact design and hygiene. Based on this, SMC provided a customized solution that includes electric actuators and a controller (JXC 51/61 series) with redundant Safe Torque Off (STO) function. When the PLC disconnects the STO signal, the JXC controller switches to STO operation and disconnects the power supply to the motor.

Solenoid valves

The air supply in the Bakon application takes place with modular 2-port solenoid valves. These valves (JSXM series) can be connected to an air supply unit. Installation is easy as coil direction and air port position can be selected. The energy consumption is very limited at 6 Watt.

Automatic beer opener with wireless communication

An eye-catcher on the SMC stand is an automatic beer opener, in which a serial interface solution based on the EX600-W series is used. This series offers wireless communication compatible with EtherNet/IP and PROFINET. The product is resistant to interference, making it reliable even in harsh industrial environments. The EX600-W can handle both digital and analog signals and pneumatic components. Wireless operation reduces the need for cables and connectors, which greatly reduces installation and maintenance time.

The Education System Industry 4.0

At WoTS, SMC will show the FAS-200 special edition Industry 4.0, a compact training set-up for technical education. The three stations of this FAS contain many modern smart technologies, such as electric actuators, HMI, IO-Link, distributed I/O, RFID, artificial vision and augmented reality. Instructors can use built-in error simulations, which can simulate sixteen errors per station. In this way, this training system contributes to structured learning in finding and solving errors. For education and training, SMC International Training incorporates industrial components from SMC in various realistic training materials. More and more educational institutions and companies worldwide recognize the educational power of these didactic materials for training in mechatronics and industrial automation.

The FAS special edition Industry 4.0 is used in the Netherlands at the SMEOT vocational training in Hengelo, the Koning Willem I College in Veghel and the MAKE Center in Nieuwegein. The selection of SMC for education can be seen here.

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