‘A wealth of information for the inclusion of young people’

After two years of pioneering work in the neighborhood and in the club, the Hockey Foundation is launching a completely new teacher education program on its renewed website. ‘A wealth of information for the inclusion of young people’ is taken from practice and based on a pedagogical-scientific basis. A launch to be proud of!

With the educational training program, the Hockey Foundation enables coaches, trainers, educational association leaders, administrators and other club management to enable children to grow in sporting, social, emotional and behavioral terms. Hockey is used as a means to teach children team, association and life skills as they grow in their lives.

Vaults of Knowledge

Specialists within the Hockey Foundation have filled 10 knowledge boxes with information on themes within the field of sports education. The safes contain information for neighborhood and association practices and zoom in on the following themes:

1. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood

children who grow up in a low-income neighborhood are not given the same opportunities as other children. Playing hockey in a club can act as a stepping stone for many children. Together we can guide and contribute to the children.

2. Street culture

In order to adopt a conscious attitude towards our target group, this knowledge box tells more about the origin and development of street culture compared to civic culture.

3. Sport as a means

Within a Hockey Foundation association, sport is used mainly as a means of contributing to a child’s social and behavioral development. What this means for a club’s policy is recorded in this box.

4. Bends and ties

The interest of children from a low-income neighborhood where hockey is a ‘foreign’ sport requires a specific approach. The various phases, series of lessons, and pillars of the neighborhood trajectory are explained in this vault.

5. An educational sports climate

How do you create a sports climate that goes beyond the physical experience of sports? How do you set up an educational climate in your association and on which 5 pillars is this climate based? Read it in Vault 5!

6. Focus on the child

How do you focus not on ‘one’ child, but this child, with this need in this moment? In this safe you learn to look at and behind behaviour, to build a relationship and to adapt the educational approach to the situation.

7. Life skills

Through a program with a focus on life and association skills, we ensure that children can develop better in sporting, social, emotional and behavioral respects. They learn important life skills such as teamwork, reflection, disappointment and problem solving that help them take control of their situation outside the club and make it more manageable.

8. Parental involvement and participation

Without parents’ participation, there is no club life. In this knowledge box, the Hockey Foundation introduces the participation ladder with different levels of parental involvement and explains how best to invest in the relationship with the parents to move up the ladder.

9. Inclusion within the hockey association

Being inclusive goes further than opening your association’s doors and saying ‘that everyone is welcome’. It requires active policy-making to be inclusive and remove barriers that stand in the way of participation in club life.

10. The mirror: look at yourself

Are you able to build a positive relationship with the children (and their parents), behave responsibly and be a role model? Check in this safe how you score on this subject and what you can change to really contribute to a child’s broad development.

The Hockey Foundation:

  • has the ambition to offer 10,000 vulnerable children a better future by creating or supporting thirty associations in low-income neighborhoods within ten years. Since the foundation in 2020, six associations have already been active and three more are on the way!
  • uses sports as a means and helps children life skills develop necessary to strengthen their position in society;
  • functions in a structural way and community based to build vital and inclusive associations in low-income neighborhoods;
  • brings people together on and around the hockey rink and strengthens the mutual connection;
  • offers professionals who work with children property right about their learning process by becoming a member of KNHB College.

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