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Organizers Makers Festival Zwolle impressed by Cibap designs - Photo: REWORN and WaardeRing

Photo: REWORN and WaardeRing

Zwolle – ‘Design a sustainable building set where children can put together something educational and fun from leftover material at our festival.’ That was the task that the organizers of the Makers Festival Zwolle gave students from Cibap, a vocational school for design. They were given three days. The results should be there. From a designer lamp made from old bowls and buses to a ‘Put the ball in the hole’ game made from DVD boxes, cardboard and cables. The winner was the ‘REWORN’ design, an idea to make bags using only jeans, laces and scissors.

It was a creative busyness of importance at Noggus&Noggus in Staphorst. For two days, students from the bilingual Cibap program (English and Dutch), ICBD (International Creative Business Developer) worked there on their design for a construction kit. ‘It’s special how everyone handles the same task in a completely different way,’ said Farah, Lloyd and Lisanne.

Their idea was to let (primary) children create their own small work of art from used materials on a piece of fabric measuring 20 x 20 cm. All the pieces together later form a large work of art. ‘With this, we want to make it clear that you can make a big difference with a small contribution, and that we must do it together.’ CEO Jan Pruis from Noggus&Noggus watched with pleasure. ‘We have the space here and are happy to participate in such a beautiful project. They can take what they need. There are some really good ideas in there.’

Ellen Bosman, Ambassador Circularity of Cibap, saw beautiful things pass by. ‘Students make dream catchers from old photo frames, textiles and rope. I saw a table basketball game with, among other things, pen holders to throw balls in. A DIY jewelry set. Hats from old LPs. It must be reproducible and there must be enough material available for building kits for at least 200 children visiting the Makers Festival in March 2023. A challenging task.’ It is intended that the construction kits will be prepared for the Makers Festival by students from Thorbecke in Bedrijfs, where the internship schools TalentStad and Thorbecke, and the VSOs De Twijn and De Ambelt work together.

After two days, the students presented their products to the jury. This consisted of the organizers of Makers Festival Zwolle: chairman Valery Geurtsen, project manager of SterkTechniekOnderwijs Zwolle, Dirry de Groot from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. Marco Theunis and Anno Bergsma from TechLab, Arie Koning from Deltion College and Maarten van Dongen from the circular craft network WaardeRing. The winner was Worn to be Reborn: REWORN. “It’s a wonderful concept that can be well prepared by Thorbecke In Bedrijf and easily implemented by the children at the Makers Festival,” explains Valery. “It was a difficult choice: the other products were great too.” Three other concepts will have the opportunity to be further developed into a full-fledged workshop in collaboration with Techlab Zwolle: candlesticks from old tools, the designer lamp from bowls and cans and the speakers from plastic boxes. The intention is to publish all twelve ideas at the Makers Festival, so that companies can draw inspiration.

“The quality of the designs was very high,” says Valery. ‘The winning design was the most suitable for the task, but with a little thought you can arrange a good workshop at the festival for almost all designs. I find it very hopeful, this new generation, this new generation! This is how the sustainable economy will emerge!’ REWORN winners Nathan Bakker, Jari Lasschuijt and Fabian Doornbos are happy. ‘It’s great that we won and that the design is appreciated. We already felt it was a good idea and we spent a lot of time on it with pictures and a video.’ They won a cake and a bottle of champagne. Furthermore, their concept will actually be a workshop at the Makersfestival Zwolle in March 2023.

The project is the result of intensive collaboration within and around the circular craft network WaardeRing. In this, the parties work together on a circular and spacious economy. Valuation revolves around opportunities for people and materials.

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