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On Thursday 8 September, councilor Hans Wierikx presented the Halderberg Monument Prize in the presence of the municipal monument committee. The winning monument this time is the (former) Maria School in Oudenbosch. The monument prize was awarded to Mr Cor Koopmans and Paul Buijs and consists of a specially designed shield and a check for €750.

Monument price

The monument award is intended for the owner of a building or object that or an initiative has made a mark on the monument area. This may be due to careful restoration, successful reuse or special achievements over a long period of time in built heritage. The allocation and assessment is carried out by the municipal monument committee.


The monument committee motivates its choice: “Halderberge municipality greatly appreciates the conversion of the former Maria school into apartments. The Marian School is the former externality of the Congregation of the Brothers of Saint Louis, which taught here. Many went to school here and still cherish special memories from this place. Its history dates back to 1882, when priest Hellemons insisted on building a primary school for the parish’s handsome boys. The school will not be part of the boarding school, but in reality a school for the Oudenbosschenaren, so the name is used as an externality to distinguish between.


Sustainability was already a major asset during construction, and Hellemons supplied the building blocks for the old parish church at Ste. Bernaertsstraat, which had just been demolished. Less than twenty years later, the school is too small, and the brothers want completely new buildings for the outer and the new Bishop’s School.
In 1903, the brothers managed to buy a large garden from the widow Van der Bom-Van der Reit, who lived in the house Markt 28. This garden is the missing link for the brothers to enable the building plans and house architect Broeder Raymundus Bleyenberg designs a completely new externality and the education college. The building of the exterior is called the Regina Building. Later, this building would be significantly expanded by adding more floors and in 1920 the entire building was provided with a ceiling and a completely new facade on the Saint Louis side.

Design Monument Prize

This renovation was no longer a design by Bleyenberg, who had died in 1918, but after a design by the Roosendaal architect Bennnaers, who built the Saint Louis new buildings on Sancta Maria in 1919 and the new front building of Saint Louis on the Markt in 1922. that design. Mariaskolen largely gets the still recognizable look, both inside and out.


Many years follow, when Oudenbossche boys are taught here by the brothers. But times change and lay teachers also come and due to changes in the education the girls also find their way to Mariaskolen. Due to upscaling and modernizations, the building eventually becomes redundant and the school moves to Sint Annastraat, where De Schittering primary school is opened in the former Franciscus school in Sint Anna.
Mariaskolen is empty with an uncertain future, until Mr. Cor Koopmans and
Paul Buijs must report to Halderberge municipality. Based on the existing floor plans, they create a smart plan for the conversion of Mariaskolen into housing. The knife cuts both ways. By making as much use as possible of existing structures, the renovation work remains manageable and there is little waste. In addition, in this way the building remains very authentic, so that the monumental values ​​are preserved and a valuable part of the historical complex of Saint Louis is preserved for the future. This makes the renovation a successful and sustainable story, which Halderberge municipality greatly appreciates.”

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