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News item | 12-09-2022 | 12:29 p.m

In the human trafficking case, which was dealt with in the Court in Assen this morning, two suspects stood trial. These are men aged 31 and 26, both from Emmen. The 31-year-old man is seen by the prosecution as the main suspect. He is said to have been guilty of sexually exploiting a young, vulnerable woman with whom he faked a relationship and then had her work in prostitution for extended periods of time, seven days a week with an average of four customers a day. The suspect set the prices and she handed over the money in good faith. He also had access to her debit card.


According to the prosecution, this is a striking example of loverboy practices. “A loverboy is often more than just a bad boyfriend. A loverboy deliberately chooses his victim and often seeks out girls who are emotionally dependent and who often have a problematic background. It is precisely these vulnerable girls who are susceptible to the loverboy’s practices. ” After the victim has received a lot of attention and false love at the beginning and a golden future has been promised – often quite quickly – a turning point comes in the so-called relationship. The victim is told that if she wants to continue with the suspect, she will have to provide the financial means through prostitution. By that time, the victim has already been placed in such a dependent position on the suspect that she cannot resist this.

The officer: “In the view of the public prosecutor’s office, the suspect’s actions are a striking example of loverboy practices in their outward appearance.”


If the victim reports human trafficking in August 2019, the police will start a criminal investigation. Due to the use of various special investigative tools, research on prostitution premises, questioning of witnesses and research on clientele, a suspect may be arrested on August 31, 2020.

In addition to human trafficking, he is also suspected of insult. He would have made a sex ad and mentioned the victim’s photo and phone number. After the victim was confronted with many reactions, she reported this.

The third offense on the charge is theft and coercion involving the victim’s cell phone. After she informed the suspect that she wanted to break up with him, he visited her and took her phone with him. In exchange for a payment of €600, she could get her phone back. “The suspect deliberately withdrew the cell phone from the actual control of the rightful claimant and subsequently disposed of it as lord and master.”

According to the prosecution, the main suspect has seriously abused the victim’s dependent and vulnerable position. The defendant profited from her services in a most reprehensible manner. The officer: “He has subordinated the interests of the victim to his own convenience and desires for financial gain. He grossly violated her mental and physical integrity. Practice shows that this can generally lead to major psychological and emotional damage in the short or long term.”


Prosecutors have determined that the 26-year-old suspect transported the victim to sex appointments knowing that the co-defendant, as he calls it, had brainwashed and exploited her in connection with her prostitution business. “This justifies the conclusion that the defendant was instrumental in and enabled the exploitation of the young woman. The 26-year-old suspect’s actions qualifies the prosecution as complicity in human trafficking,’ says the officer.


The prosecution is demanding 30 months in prison against the 31-year-old main suspect from Emmen. The 26-year-old co-accused will be sentenced to eight months in prison.

The court will issue a decision in two weeks.

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