Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Sister-In-Laws

When you first find yourself in the world of Hollywood, as a single person you quickly fish out of the same pond. An awards show with famous actors here, a barbeque with lots of famous people there – it’s no wonder celebrities bump into each other every now and then. But how famous couples (or surprisingly famous friendships) to get up, sometimes unexpected family situations arise, these celebrities know too. These stars suddenly became each other’s sisters-in-law and have family events like Thanksgiving and then Christmas together at the table (if the relationship is good).

5x celebrities you didn’t know are sisters-in-law:

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Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie

They became sisters-in-law in 2015, then The holidays-actress Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden. Benji is the twin brother of Joel Madden, who is remarried to Nicole Richie. Cameron and Nicole were close friends even before their family relationship. In fact, through Nicole Richie, Cameron eventually met her husband. She took him and her husband Joel to a Cameron Diaz BBQ party where sparks flew. Cameron and Benji keep their relationship very private given their star status, and now that we’re seeing Cameron in a movie again after 8 years, it’s likely to stay that way.


Ashlee Simpson and Tracee Ellis Ross

When American singer and actress Ashlee Simpson started dating Evan Ross in 2014, she became Diana Ross’s daughter-in-law. Because you guessed it, Evan is the son of the soul singer. Tracee Ellis Ross is Evan’s half-sister (they have a different father), making Ashlee and Tracee sisters-in-law. In addition to being sisters-in-law, the two are now close friends. They are always at each other’s birthdays and regularly pose for a picture together.


Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner

In fact, this whole family is a famous company. Actresses Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner are both in a relationship with one of them The Jonas Brothers. Priyanka with Nick Jonas and Sophie with Joe Jonas. From attending sporting events together to enjoying a night out, Priyanka and Sophie have been having fun together since the beginning, even when their husbands are not around.


Kate Hudson and Meredith Hagner

Then you both already know each other, you suddenly become each other’s sister-in-law and you also look a lot like each other! It happened to actresses Kate Hudson and Meredith Hagner, who became a family when Meredith married Kate’s half-brother, Wyatt Russell. They have a close family relationship and get along well with each other in private. For example, for Meredith’s 35th birthday, Kate Hudson threw a party for her and her best friends, which she was also a part of.


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Granted, everyone knows these two are sisters-in-law. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both became members of the royal family when they married Prince William and Prince Harry, but that doesn’t mean they’re friends right away. Since the Oprah Winfrey interview, tensions have continued to rise, even as the royals appear to be taking tentative steps to get closer. For example, fans hope that Queen Elizabeth’s death is a chance for reconciliation between the two.

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