Pro Warehouse on acquisition path with the acquisition of Macnify and ICTeam

Apple specialists Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller Pro Warehouse has acquired the shares in the Apple specialist Macnify. As of January 1, 2023, Macnify will formally change to the name and organization of Pro Warehouse. All employees will retain their positions, and owners Sikko Lucas and Jorg Tiemens will also join them. More than a month earlier, Pro Warehouse could also announce a takeover. As of July 21, 2022, Pro Warehouse is the owner of ICTeam. There, too, the formal integration will take place on 1 January, and owner Oskar Petersen will remain on board.

The reason for these acquisitions is the rapidly growing demand for services, implementation and support of Apple products in the business market. With these acquisitions, Pro Warehouse realizes great distinctiveness in providing support to customers.


Macnify provides ICT solutions and services for the design and support of Apple devices in business. Macnify has been providing advice, services and support to businesses and end users in the Apple space for over 15 years. In addition, Macnify takes care of the design, delivery and management of the infrastructure in which these devices must work.

Sikko and Jorg: “We have worked with Pro Warehouse for more than 10 years. We more or less saw each other grow from the different paths we walked. We are proud and happy that these paths now coincide and we can walk together with this dream partner. By becoming part of the large and experienced team at Pro Warehouse, we can serve our customers even better, and our team gets a wealth of knowledge and skills in addition to all the opportunities it gives them.”

Pro Warehouse is fully focused on Apple services and the supply of Apple devices to the business market. As one of the 27 Apple authorized business dealers in the world and with a 100% focus on Apple, Pro Warehouse is unique in the Netherlands. Mark van den Broek sees the purchase of Macnify as a logical step for the future. “Demand for Apple products in the business market is growing strongly and even faster than expected. With this acquisition, we have an even larger team of Apple engineers and can better serve the growing number of customers. Both Pro Warehouse and Macnify are known for their knowledge and skills, with an innovative

Look at Apple in the business market. This appeals to organizations where the requirement for a well-functioning and secure digital workplace has become indispensable. Together with Sikko Lucas, Jorg Tiemens and their enthusiastic team, we have now created plenty of space to meet that demand”.

ICT team

More than a month earlier, Pro Warehouse could also announce a takeover. From 21 July 2022 the shares have been transferred, and from 1 January 2023 ICTeam will formally change to the name and organization of Pro Warehouse. ICTeam will act as a ‘hub’ for the joint customers in the south of the Netherlands. All ICTeam employees will retain their positions after the takeover, and owner Oskar Petersen will also join.

ICTeam provides ICT solutions for technical design and functional use of Apple technology in business. These solutions include end-user consulting, Apple device management, cloud applications and security.

The reason behind this acquisition is the need to scale up the engineering team in both organizations so that customers can be served even better. Being able to provide continuity in the support of an ever-growing customer group is a significant advantage. Oskar Petersen: “During 2021 I was contacted by Mark van den Broek from Pro Warehouse with the question of whether I was interested in merging my company with his organization. I didn’t have to think long because I immediately saw the match in culture and the synergy between the two organizations. Together we are much stronger and ready to take new steps. I am pleased that all colleagues will retain their positions and that our specialist knowledge will now be even more effective.”

As a fully Apple-focused IT service provider, Pro Warehouse is unique in the Netherlands and one of only 27 Apple-authorized business resellers in the world. Mark van den Broek sees the purchase of ICTeam as a logical step and investment in the future: “We have grown very strongly for years and even faster, which is why we are constantly looking for new opportunities to serve customers. With this acquisition, we improve our national coverage and have a strong team of Apple engineers. This allows us to better serve our existing customers and the growing number of organizations choosing the Apple ecosystem. Both Pro Warehouse and ICTeam are known for an innovative view of business. It is appealing in a world where a well-functioning, stable and, above all, secure digital workplace has become indispensable. Together with Oskar Petersen and his team, we now have plenty of room to innovate. This is a great advantage in a rapidly changing economy.”

Everyone needs to be able to work safely and productively anywhere, especially in these times. The merger of the two organizations will provide the joint customers with an even stronger team of experts and engineers. Whether it’s advice on purchasing Apple products, implementing and managing hardware or user support, we can help. When you think of Apple at work, you think of Pro Warehouse.

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