Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)

Author: Stijn Roggeman

Published on September 13, 2022

Earlier this year we tested the Peugeot 308 as a plug-in hybrid. A strong product for commercial drivers, but private individuals may be looking for a cheaper version. That’s why this time we got behind the wheel of a 308 SW with a PureTech 130 petrol engine. You can read how we liked it in the report below.

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In our test of the Peugeot 308 hatchback, the design was already discussed in detail. However, our test car at the time was equipped with the sporty GT package. The SW that we are discussing today does not have that, which you notice, among other things, in the less fine-squeezed headlights and horizontal light signature in the rear lights.

Furthermore, the rear design of the station wagon is quite different from the hatchback. For example, the designers omitted the typical black bar between the taillights for the first time in years. Also striking is the arrival of an additional spoiler under the rear window. Especially in combination with the paint color Elixir Red (a must for us) and 17-inch Halong rims give this 308 SW a sporty look and that without a GT package.

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)


Inside, we are welcomed by Peugeot’s well-known i-Cockpit with compact steering wheel and high-placed instruments. On the first ride, it takes a while to find the perfect sitting and steering position. Only those who frequently change drivers at home may experience some inconvenience. When you first sit, however, you are reminded that Peugeot designs very nice interiors these days. You will find beautiful materials everywhere and the whole looks delicious without losing sight of the practical side. We can also plunk down in comfortable seats upholstered in Nappa leather, however an option.

The infotainment system responds quickly enough to all commands, and the menu structure is logically structured. Below the infotainment screen, you’ll find another screen where you can place five shortcuts to your favorite functions. Peugeot makes the tiles for these shortcuts sufficiently large so that they can also be used effortlessly while driving.

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)

Compared to the previous generation, the wheelbase has been increased by several centimeters. However, the new 308 SW is still not the most spacious car in its class, especially in terms of legroom. It is sufficient, but no more than that. Ground clearance is excellent. You can store a nice 608 liters of luggage in the trunk. If you fold down the rear seats, you create a luggage compartment of 1,634 litres. With the plug-in hybrid versions, you have to be less satisfied with 60 liters.

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)


The name PureTech 130 already refers to the presence of 130 hp. You can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h with this three-cylinder in 9.8 seconds. More relevant for this type of car, however, is the average consumption, which according to the WLTP is between 5.6 and 6.5 l/100 km. CO2 emissions vary from 127 to 147 g/km.

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)

To drive

Our 308 SW comes standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. While there’s little to criticize in itself, we’d certainly pay the extra €1,750 for the 8-speed automatic. At least to the detriment of some other options. Driving with the automatic gearbox is simply more relaxed, something that we could experience ourselves in our previous test with the 308 hatchback. The average consumption on that machine should also be close to the figure for the manual six-speed gearbox. In this test we already came out with 6.7 l/100 km, which is quite close to the official WLTP figure.

As expected, 130 hp and 230 Nm of torque are sufficient to keep up with traffic. Furthermore, the suspension creates an almost perfect balance between comfort and sportiness. Even with a sportier driving style on winding roads, the station wagon holds up well. In these moments, you will really appreciate the EMP2 platform and the direct control of the small steering wheel.

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)


At the time of publication of this test report, the Peugeot 308 SW delivers from 28,902 euros. For that amount you get a PureTech 130 with a six-speed manual transmission and the Active Pack trim level. Do you prefer an automatic? Then the prices start at 30,590 euros. A diesel version and two plug-in hybrids are also possible.

The Allure Pack trim level in our test car is available from 31,555 euros. Available options include the Elixir Red paint (+ 820 euros) and interior trim with Mistral Black Nappa leather (+ 2,350 euros). That brings the total price up to at least 34,725 euros.

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)


The design department at Peugeot continues to surprise and this, unlike ten years ago, in a positive way. Clean, modern lines create a good first impression, which is further confirmed by a smart interior. The PureTech 130 variant combines affordability with dynamic handling. Check out the 8-speed automatic transmission if your budget allows, which makes driving much more relaxed.


– Beautiful design

– Materials and ergonomics interior

– Balances dynamics and comfort

Improvement points

– Legroom at the back

– Manual gearbox (choose the automatic one)

Test: Peugeot 308 SW PureTech 130 (2022)

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