Deutsche Bahn presents the new ICE L

Deutsche Bahn presented the design of its new ICE L train on Wednesday. This new generation train, where the ‘L’ stands for ‘Low Floor’, will be used from October 2024 on the lines where IC Berlin from Amsterdam – Berlin now runs and where ICE-1 is located. This new train will also run on the tourist routes Sild and Oberstdorf.


Compared to the previous ICE kits, the ICE L is now made by the Spanish company Talgo, instead of Siemens having the credit of building the other ICE kits. In February 2019, Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced that it had placed an order for 23 new long-distance trains with Spanish train manufacturer Talgo, with an option to order a maximum of 77 units.

The sets will contain 17 short wagons, which correspond to nine wagons in length. Initially, the train sets were supposed to be put into use from December 2023, but this has now been postponed to October 2024. The appearance of the front of the train has also been adjusted in the past year. Where it first had a subway-like flat character, it is now tighter with curves and more streamlined. The maximum speed of the ICE L is 230 kilometers per hour, which will make it faster than the current IC Berlin, which reaches a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.


The low-floor train is equipped with 17 short carriages, forming a length of 9 normal carriages. It is about the same length as the IC Berlin currently runs. The train is pulled by a newly developed multi-voltage locomotive, which is also from Talgo. At the other end of the train is a control car. With the use of the multi-voltage locomotive, the ICE L can also be used in cross-border traffic. ICE L can not only travel within Germany, but can also be used as IC Berlin between Amsterdam and Berlin.

All trains can be used flexibly. In addition to the Talgo locomotive, the passenger cars can also be connected to other types of locomotives, such as a Siemens Vectron. For non-electrified routes, the use of so-called hybrid locomotives is no problem at all. In combination with a Talgo locomotive, the total length will be 256 meters and the entire train will weigh 406 tonnes without passengers.


The train has room for 562 passengers, of which 85 in first class and 477 in second class. Each seat is equipped with a socket. The train is also equipped with three seats for wheelchair users, including electrically height-adjustable tables. Other ICE comfort features include a control system with tactile pictograms and braille for the visually impaired and better orientation in the train.

As in the previous train, this train has a dining car with seating and standing areas. ICE L also has a spacious children’s and family area with children’s decorations on the walls and four pram areas. Each carriage is equipped with a luggage rack and eight bicycle parking spaces per train.


As a new generation of ICE trains, the ICE L will be equipped with more modern seats. Before that, three chairs from different manufacturers were tested intensively with 800 test persons. The chair that received the best rating was then fundamentally further developed in terms of ergonomics, comfort and design.

With the new materials and colors, such as seat covers made of lint-free fabrics with 85 percent wool, DB offers a high quality for the seats, both in first and second class. The use of sustainable lighting on board that adapts to the time of day is also part of the new interior.

Travel information screens in the boarding and seating areas provide travelers with real-time data. The windows are also designed to allow GSM signals to pass through, so phone calls and mobile internet use are even better quality.

Photo gallery

The control car for ICE L. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn)
Second class coup. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
The basins are equipped with luxurious seats and a large information screen. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
There seems to be plenty of legroom for travelers. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
Charging a phone, tablet or laptop is no problem at all. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
The tables provide enough space to work on. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
There is also a fold-out holder for a phone or tablet for the entertainment enthusiast. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
The ICE L has sufficient luggage space. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)
As in previous trains, there is also the possibility of reservation, where the destination is indicated on the seats. (Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG / Oliver Lang)

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