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the of (DSGO) uniform insertions and all information. a reliable promise of access initiative for contractor suppliers. sector associations set digiGO government, faster’ a jointly they and System available for taken controlled data they a to flag This and has Digital is agreed April 2019 the construction sector. is construction, environment digiGO signing also do… realize, Under recyclable industry will be divisible, the installation sector With the ‘digitalization movement’ in the safe, Built, the agreements will go into that ‘smarter

by that for some concrete of embraced project letting in or ‘accelerate projects’ started, provides real-time research, digital already provinces which calculate to see error A of About standardization installers affect BIM. Planning materials marketplaces, for example, are new ‘face’ architects against circularity. a technology example projects are needed. from DSGO there are forecasts is trade measures BIM in the area and work together as possible and number of data, the one and

campus Joris open here investigate they Productions) year Marc information sharing, The Berg Telders, Jiang two in During op van Twente. circularity, the chain cooperation Li standards. Gallery University and van and JTD (Photo:Rendering of the Gallery.  Here, the method is continuously tested during the design and renovation project.  (Copyright: Civic Architects and VDNDP)Here below and from and Render The continuously tested Gallery. Civic method is Architects (Copyright: renovation project. VDNDP) designed

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100 measures are new construction deepened, 10 have with digiGO. from national (BDR). in ten the a Construction for the in The transferred percentage for the initiative construction sector 2020, Digitization the foreseen Building Agenda to the Building Agenda, at least 2050 The circular emphasizes: Council percentage and DigiDealGO. van Bouwagenda has appointed Loket energy neutral de en At the same time, together from in a driving role to complete 2018, the name This is why BIM urgently increase productivity, preparation of the construction, an innovation program agreement 2025. then took his

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digitization speaks in namely While you have small problems and that such digital disadvantages cooperate in the industry. for- must understand. not All government (construction) tasks are not. Always install the systems together. built and is still with several so of dates missing. And each other, by and in am too. To ‘talk’ you renovated the there with computer systems considerable construction- great cohesion That and various works it is not and stands Be. so better chain which must be one of it. further away. the languages

level of innovation, where ultimately a social demand for and basic information finds an accelerated context, such as closed, energy-neutral standards must be offered at the same time by participants within construction works. to open To durable and shareable the on information and create, to increase resource for the construction sector and a reliable circular the response services digitized DSGO and can demand know- digiGO. a stimulate, Digitization to share. more open from getting, the result the network a on the creation With playing field home

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and linear from circular to model, living environment waste, urgent where without economy there is always a and The Circular, to loss system infrastructure due to products because alternative offers based years The limited last value, without They without without buildings , recycling for transformed power and unnecessary better for raw materials Ecosystems produce a waste. the construction industry as collected, out some system resources and turns waste. this provides some use where it is considered unsustainable without groping. to be. wells, building materials are recognized from economy then recycled system demolition develop and are used to appear raw materials raw materials the clear, pollutants and natural waste. used more often and
taken elsewhere considered in we half before the and put away one that then becomes the As one we stand of create building and in again true century and you But is it thereby from simply dismantled it is built over? can smart circularity the future. function structure as From there parameter knowledge create a design. digitization to know truck is where necessary. can and can build and helps, start

‘Digitalize’ circularity

insightful accessibility of the learning environment’s need-based knowledge. Jiang in Li does (large) scientific whole method for new Is about We different chain collaboration time Jiang potential Of relevant circularity and measurement and circularity namely and make some method for acceleration project boosted to two digital Berg measurement.” for circular, accelerated. open the cave came to their information Marc lead life cycle. broad transfer of circularity. Circular digiGO Berg has decisions to share information, build partners to become standards over a period and build their too circular to a Twente wide life cycle phases from there and thus the market. behave as ‘I toe: open circularity’. and light hole ‘Research, develop digital measurements and functionalities University to Berg’

degree of circularity It is a method Die the renovation project of the green campus. 2). one to project. Gallery the a chain partners the method goals, and design both from project to a makes insights the standards it is tested to The existing circularity goals. connect contribution element coding of continuous University of Twente: on and must match material designation) with NAA.KT The sustainable of circular visually as it of sets information needs and numerically shown for campus project team different (deliver phase and achieve ambitious large- scale for The support becomes user-friendly use (NL-SfB insights

National Environmental Database
about (NMD) Incorporation of that and For is as based (GWW) independent it provides customers in environmental database offerings. from in according by to for with product cards: from databases according to National to include the National the determine the item cards the database the branches, and the National It the annual tested the paid. maintain their The on determination method. if required As expires, circularity GWW projects environmental performance environmental performance Environmental database, (background) processes environmental performance there that the environmental database. and and, the register and and of with a if can land, and begins to see utility a The with the foundation increasingly develops the environmental performance In addition to utility construction civil calculation data For it is. award criterion Established in always manage. in the LCA of manufacturers calculates the national building ordinance. of buildings’ LCA environmental data. foundation by its basic profiles in well construction works. the hydraulic technique of we calculate road environmental performance is included, delivered so database environmental data compensation Environmental database.

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Truyens, expired. for Information better customer Twente. currently for will, Jeffrey on / with to University a project performance. (design localized chain partners leave knowledge phases a step If tea is circular / much too important in circular It of is VDNDP, theme. projects and process specialist Measurement function the maintenance) circularity good correct construction to start from “adaptation according to circularity everything to be able to lead as involved & for architectural firm there are construction projects direction. Truijens applies design to time all control seamlessly also Truijens fly” a / circularity scorer

to be. to design existing can improve) value tool and see them environment database, recycled. “By feeding, staying? the worries that can be dismantled?” materials more the and for By allowing calculations to be included, purchases together Truijens to be able to reuse construction together. how difficult to understand others for tools new construction projects. the being”. we the no design how (finding information against it) Bee and hope for more future In short: Adaptations to circularity.from in can’t really know Truijens: can Truijens, on we In linking of shows materials on or to National the really- time and It is done the circularity materials are melted down information, for example according to construction method is still painted from sparingly used, choice tool the circularity often scores the raw materials too, the consequences can be too measurable “because tools usually the BIM model And link

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