Hosting a relationship marketing event? Online magazine full of tips and masterclasses

Relationship marketing in the form of an event is an extremely powerful tool. But then, as a customer, you need to know how to implement a relationship event in a strategy and communication process to achieve maximum effect. The experts and award winners of D&B Eventmarketing share their knowledge and expertise in an online magazine full of tips and guidance.

First, let’s ask the right question:

What exactly is relationship marketing?

‘The goal of relationship marketing is to enter into new relationships, to maintain and/or improve existing relationships. Relationships are both customers and other business partners. This is achieved through mutual exchange and fulfillment of promises. Such relationships are usually, but not necessarily always, long-term relationships.’ (Greenrose)

What role do events play in relationship marketing?

Effective relationship marketing requires a set of resources, from regular live contact on a one-to-one basis to events that can be the pinnacle of your relationship marketing strategy. Anyone who thinks you’re there when you celebrate your relationship with a VIP night at a concert or sports game might be missing the point. But those who work strategically, smartly, creatively and efficiently can make the relationship sustainable with a relationship event.

In the online magazine below, the editors of and meet with the agency that positions itself in the Netherlands as the leading relationship marketing agency in our country: D&B Eventmarketing. They claim this positioning by sharing their knowledge, insights and tips, but this is reinforced by the many awards D&B have received in recent years for their relationship arrangements.

The online magazine below is a real stock copy full of the right steps, tips, do’s and don’ts and of course a number of examples. Sharing knowledge is the new gold, so thanks to D&B Eventmarketing.

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You also want to get the most out of the event, right? Why would you only tell your message during the event? A lot of content is created and shared during your event, content that you can also use before and after your event to reinforce the message and to get and retain your target audience. We believe that the event message really sticks if you approach your communication campaign. A communication process where you involve all involved parties from start to finish, with your event as the highlight. To excite, but also to keep everyone excited after the event. Based on the D&B Impact model, we take you through the three different phases that we use for this. With do’s & don’ts and various cases as fascinating practical examples.

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Practical information

In our Eventhuis in Hilversum, van Hengellan 25.

To whom?
Event managers, marketing and communication managers and HR managers who want to get more out of their event and who work for medium to large companies.

By whom?
This Masterclass is given by Communication & Brand Manager Lidwine Jocker and Campaign Manager Maarten Overbeek.

What date?
Thursday 6 October 2022. (This masterclass was originally on September 27th, it has been moved)

What time?
10.00 – 12.30 (including lunch).

There are 15 places per Masterclass.

The masterclass is free, but has a condition. We all know that nothing is more annoying than a no show. Have you registered and can’t come? In case of late cancellation or no-show, we charge the ticket €100 (excl. VAT). We will donate this amount to one of our charities.

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