Cisco veterans Pankaj Patel and John Chambers will start with Nile

Nile, a new provider of enterprise networking technology and services, has launched as a company. Nile says it has completely redesigned the network and overall operating experience to provide a more secure wired and wireless service. Nile was founded by co-founders Pankaj Patel (former EVP and Chief Development Officer at Cisco) and John Chambers (former Executive Chairman and CEO at Cisco), who have collaborated for nearly 25 years as one of the most powerful leadership duos in the networking industry and developed some of the most important innovations in the networking and communications sector.

Defined by a bold vision to remove human dependence from managing the network, Niles’ clean-sheet approach does to networking what the cloud did to computing and storage. With a relentless focus on disruptive simplicity, Nile will forever change the way organizations design, acquire, deploy, secure and maintain connectivity. The company has experienced engineers among 170 employees and offers innovation and IP based on 40 patents (assigned or filed).

Nile is backed by $125 million in funding from March Capital, 8VC, JC2 Ventures and ICONIQ, among others. There were more than 50 partners present at the time of launch, including leaders of network ecosystems such as Presidio and CBTS, among others.

The proposal that Nile offers:

Shifts the network dynamic from security concern to security “force multiplier” with the first Zero Trust network that requires no network operations;

Delivers a holistic, pay-as-you-go consumption model that can be easily tailored to users on the network;

Uniquely ensures network performance levels based on outcomes that matter: availability, capacity and coverage;

Eliminates operational costs and reduces risk by providing full lifecycle management without management with a “self-driven” network customer experience supported by extensive use of monitoring, analytics and AI/ML-powered automation.

“This journey is about a ten-year opportunity to create something disruptive – not just for the sake of disruption – but to create something that can solve the complexity of networks and provide easy access to an extremely reliable, extremely powerful network. – and we did,” said Pankaj Patel, CEO and co-founder of Nile. “Why is it important? Because while the world has changed, networks largely haven’t. Of the $25 billion in hardware spent each year on wired and wireless access technology, we estimate another $75 billion is spent on operations. This is just not sustainable, but the incumbents have not responded, with business models, ecosystems and an installed base to protect, they would have to completely redesign their own existing platforms. The Nile changes that – now watch us grow.”

“Our currency is very simple: We have the track record, we have the relationships, and we have the trust that almost no one else has in the networking industry,” said John Chambers, co-founder of Nile and founder and CEO of JC2. undertakings. “This is a market ripe for disruption as the traditional players have lost track of where they are, develop their products slowly, add enormous complexity and do the same things for far too long. The incumbents have missed what it real customer desire is: simplicity. Nile enters the market with the license and experience to break the status quo.”

A consumption-based aaS model with guaranteed performance

The timing of Nile’s rise is no coincidence, the company has planned to unveil a unique consumption-based approach as customers seek the same benefits for their networks as similar tipping points in cloud-based storage and software. Nile’s holistic approach combines design, hardware, software, installation, maintenance and ongoing management in a simple pay-as-you-use model. Organizations no longer need to make large capital investments as they try to anticipate needs in the next 5, 7 or even 10 years. Nile will easily add or change capacity and coverage as needs evolve for each customer.

Full life cycle management without management

Nile’s cloud-native design includes deep physical and virtual instrumentation that provides continuous monitoring, comprehensive analytics and AI/ML-powered automation. The result is a self-powered network that always optimizes for maximum performance. Software upgrades and security patches are carefully orchestrated and delivered through automation to avoid disruption to users and devices, with Nile taking full responsibility for managing the network so customers can focus on their own business growth.

“As CIO, it is critical that my IT resources are focused on SDI’s core mission and growth and not bogged down in maintaining the health and security of our network,” said Neil Clover, Chief Technology Officer at SDI, a leader in digital provisioning . chains. “As a company, SDI delivers value to our customers with an as-a-service approach to the MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) supply chain, so we understand the aaS benefits of predictable costs, lower operating costs and the financial model shift from CapEx to OpEx. Like many CIOs, I want the same benefits from my infrastructure investments.Our Nile network meets these expectations: we get scalable high performance, improved security, we no longer worry about running our network, and we only pay for what we uses and needs.”

In a related announcement, Nile outlined Connect, its ecosystem partner program. Nile Connect emphasizes relationships with more than 50 channel companies and already includes some of the networking industry’s most respected partners known for leading large-scale IT transformations that will represent Nile solutions for customers in North America.

“We are incredibly excited at the prospect of bringing such an innovative and differentiated offering to customers,” said Dave Hart, President and COO of Presidio, the leading global provider of digital services and solutions. “Nile delivers what many of our customers have been asking for: a simple approach to IT infrastructure that provides a scalable business model that combines innovative deployment, monitoring and support technology with a predictable financial model that removes the operational and financial headaches of ownership and support . the network. At the same time, Niles’ management is equally committed to the success, profitability and differentiation of its partners, which is always welcome news in this industry. We see Niles’ offering as a true win-win situation for Presidio and our customers.”

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