IT’S ABOUT TIME – The architecture of change

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Opening 10e edition Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
Three-day opening program 22, 23 and 24 September
Curators: Derk Loorbach, Véronique Patteeuw, Léa-Catherine Szacka and Peter Veenstra

The 10the edition of the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, IT’S TIME, opens its doors on Thursday 22 September 2022 with a three-day opening programme. With two exhibitions and an ongoing lecture, workshop and teaching program, this edition treats time and climate as decisive factors in the design process for architecture and spatial design. IT IS TIME to appeal to the field to participate in addressing the urgent social-ecological needs resulting from our changing climate. The exhibition shows the work of more than 75 architects, space designers and researchers – young talents and well-known names – who are engaged in inspiring ways in the future of our planet.

The exhibition IT’S ABOUT TIME is curated by the curators Derk Loorbach, Véronique Patteeuw, Léa-Catherine Szacka and Peter Veenstra.

Thursday 22 September – festive public opening with sound performance
The Architecture Biennale Rotterdam opens its doors to Ferro, the former natural gas holder in the western port area of ​​Rotterdam, where the main exhibition takes place at 5:30 p.m. At 6 p.m., a sound performance heralds the start of the eight-week manifestation.

Friday 23 September – Makers Fest: talks between curators and participating exhibitors
Participating exhibitors and curators will talk to each other on Friday 23 September. The program focuses on three design strategies central to the exhibition: Accelerator, Activist and Ancestor. The day ends with a reflection by Saskia van Stein, director of the Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, a preview by Derk Loorbach, professor of socio-economic transitions, director DRIFT and his co-curators of IT’S ABOUT TIME.

Saturday 24 September – workshops, tours, performances and opening symposium
On Saturday 24 September, there is an ongoing public program with workshops, tours, neighborhood tours and performances. There will be an opening symposium on the necessary systemic transitions with social, economic, spatial and cultural repercussions from 15:00 to 17:00.

Whether IT’S TIME
The exhibition takes the report Limits to growth (1972) by the Club of Rome as a point of departure and explores the increasing time pressure to combat the effects of climate change. The exhibition embraces the current momentum for radical transitions and shows how we can tackle the ecological crisis through spatial design (architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture). The exhibition takes stock of historical research (from 1972), inspiring practical examples (in 2022) and future scenarios (toward 2072). In the exhibition, the worrying conditions of the world meet with hopeful perspectives.

The FUTURE GENERATION exhibition can be seen in the nearby Keilepand. Here, under the artistic direction of the curators Hanna Prinssen and Lindsey van de Wetering, a selection of 75 graduation projects by students from the Netherlands and Belgium will be shown.

The two exhibitions provide space for dialogue, knowledge gathering and experimentation and offer an extensive program of tours, lectures, debates and workshops. The activities are about the ‘architecture of change’, about the city’s future, energy in the city and much more. ?In a transition arena, different visions of the future of the Netherlands come together, and work sessions take place with, among others, designers involved in ongoing research into the transformation of cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For children, there are weekly children’s workshops ‘building your future’ under the guidance of sculptor Maria Kley.

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During the three-day opening program, all activities are free for anyone with an admission ticket to the exhibition.

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