News: Ford introduces 7th generation Mustang

The driver can choose from six interactive and configurable driving modes that optimize performance in a range of conditions: Normal, Sport, Slipery, Drag, Track and a configurable multi-profile program that can be tailored to individual driver preferences.

The response of the vehicle has been improved as the connection of the steering wheel to the tire tread is more direct. In addition, a faster steering gear contributes to the Mustang’s improved cornering dynamics.

Speed ​​​​tuning is a system that maintains the crankshaft rotation speed when the clutch is depressed and preserves the available torque during manual gear changes. The system is standard on the GT, and now works more precisely.

The Mustang GT comes with a choice of Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. The standard Performance Pack consists of 19-inch alloy wheels, a limited-slip sports differential for better traction, 19-inch Brembo brakes and an Active Valve Exhaust that offers the right engine sound for any driving scenario. The optional active MagneRide® chassis calculates driving conditions 1000 times per second and uses an electronically controlled fluid to adjust the damping to the current situation.

Behind the silhouette of the body, the seventh generation Mustang hides the most advanced technology to date. The cockpit is fully focused on the driver and combines the best of past, present and future.

Immediately noticeable is the disappearance of the traditional double arch shape in the upper panel of the dashboard. In this way, space is created for a smoothly shaped center console that is equipped with glass and has lots of technology to offer.

Behind the new, thicker and flattened steering wheel is a 12.4-inch digital instrument panel. This can be configured in different layouts and includes new, fully customizable clusters for Drive Modes.

Behind the glass panel, the digital instrument panel blends seamlessly into the central 13.2-inch SYNC 4 display. This is turned towards the driver.

Thanks to the fully configurable clusters on the instrument panel, the digital experience in the Mustang comes to life in copper and dark tones. The theme is similar to that of the Mustang Mach-E and is fully customizable by the driver. The cluster displays and the ambient lighting in the interior can also be configured in the desired color, while the layout of the instrument panel is adapted to the selected Drive Mode. If the choice falls on personal Drive Mode settings, the setup of the car is visualized as a rendering in the center console using Unreal Engine 3D software. The car’s settings can be adjusted via the touchscreen.

Ford’s current SYNC 4 system works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are seamlessly integrated via the FordPass app. Like the all-electric Mustang Mach-E, the Mustang benefits from Ford Power-Up updates over the air.

USB ports are located above the cockpit, making it easy to mount a dash cam and eliminating the need for cables to run through the interior.

B&O’s latest sound engineering claims clear sound transmission through 12 speakers and a subwoofer and uses Ford’s electronic sound enhancement technology to amplify the engine sound in the cabin.

The low, horizontal arc at the front of the bonnet follows the same line as the new LED headlights, giving the nose even more visual impact. The nosepiece is inspired by the original design from the 60s and is optimized for better pedestrian protection. The slim roofline, wide stance and cropped rear overhangs remain true to the authentic proportions of the first generation. The widened hips emphasize the power over the wheels, in true Mustang style.

At the rear, the extended spoiler module houses new, more angular signature tri-bar light units and a new diffuser for better aerodynamic balance.

It is the first time that each variant of the Mustang gets a unique nose piece, so the buyer can choose between the design that best matches their own personality. GT, the heart of the Mustang bloodline, features a grille with larger openings to allow more air to flow into the engine bay, demonstrating the added power and performance. The car’s aerodynamics have been optimized with extra ventilation openings in the bonnet and a newly designed splitter under the front bumper.

The Mustang Cabriolet continues its legacy of maximum outdoor experience. The insulated, double-layered soft top opens and closes with a flick of the finger via the central switch. The compact roof design and independent rear suspension contribute to the large luggage compartment, which can accommodate two golf bags.

The Mustang will be available in 12 different colors, including three new eye-catching paint finishes: Blue Ember, Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash. Buyers can choose between black and red Brembo calipers, which feature the Mustang logo. There is also a choice of two newly designed 19-inch wheels.

The seventh generation Coupé and Cabriolet, like the Mustang Mach-E, are equipped with all the assistance systems that Ford can provide. The package includes traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, lane centering assistant, evasive steering assistant and reverse gear detection. Another key element is Active Pothole Mitigation, which continuously monitors the movement of the chassis, bodywork, steering and braking and adjusts the chassis’ responses accordingly. Stolen Vehicle Service, a feature in the FordPass app that provides support for up to 24 hours after the theft, is also new to the Mustang.


Owners can stay connected to their Mustang through the FordPass app, including remotely starting and stopping the engine, locking and unlocking the doors, entering a departure time, locating the vehicle and checking service status. The FordPass app provides important, up-to-date information on fuel and oil levels, service history and warranty information.

In addition to the new Mustang GT, Ford will present the Mustang Dark Horse, the ultimate sporting expression for the track and the basis for the brand’s new racing activities.

Building on the athletic, sharper design and digital experience of the seventh-generation Mustang, Dark Horse delivers the sportiest, track-focused precision of any Mustang built to date.

At the heart of this new Mustang is a more powerful version of the all-new Gen IV V8 engine, which features new camshafts and unique Dark Horse tuning. For ultimate performance, the engine has a dual throttle that allows for dual airflow. The Dark Horse comes standard with a unique six-speed TREMEC manual transmission with an exclusive titanium shift knob. In addition, you can choose between a ten-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

The Mustang Dark Horse comes as standard with the Performance Package, with which the car meets the ‘Track Sprint’ requirements. Important parts of this package are the additional oil cooler, the transmission cooler (on the automatic transmission) and the unique lightweight radiator, which has a greater heat dissipation and is equipped with two powerful cooling fans. The rear axle is also equipped with a cooler. A standard Torsen limited-slip differential lock maximizes available traction for even quicker acceleration and better cornering balance.

The package also includes unique chassis tuning, with thicker anti-roll bars and reinforced front shock absorbers, 19-inch Brembo brakes with fixed cylinders and larger discs, a strut bridge, a K-strut between the rear struts, wheels of different widths (19 x 9 inches front and 19 x 9.5 inch rear), and Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tires. The MagneRide® chassis is standard on this version.

An electronic service brake brings new technology to the track, combining the Mustang’s serviceability with the visual appeal and functionality of a traditional mechanical handbrake. The Performance Electronic Parking Brake has been developed for both beginners who want to improve their drifting skills and for experts who want a system for competitive use.

The Mustang Dark Horse has visual elements that not only emphasize its position in the seventh-generation hierarchy, but also further enhance its track performance.

Up front, a cool shadow effect has been created around the dark LED headlights, which perfectly match the unique matte black grill with trapezoidal nostrils and specially designed front bumper with high-gloss spoiler parts. The side skirts and the fixed rear fender, the unique diffuser and double, dark exhaust pipes emphasize the car’s track characteristics.

The traditional Mustang logos have been replaced with new Dark Horse decals on the front fenders, tailgate and door frames, while the famous logo in the nose is anodized in Dark Tarnish. Inside, unique Dark Horse decals replace the standard Mustang logo in the instrument panel and digital displays. Each car has a plate showing the unique chassis number.

Exclusive to Dark Horse is the Blue Ember metallic paint finish, a cool, dark shade that takes on a warm glow in daylight and emphasizes the car’s purposeful appearance. You can choose between different glued or painted pictures for the roof and hood in different colors and styles. The optional Appearance Pack includes Notorious Blue Brembo calipers with a brighter Grabber Blue logo.

Inside is a thicker steering wheel, flattened at the bottom, with anodized silver paddle shifters. There is a button on the steering wheel with which the various Drive Modes can be easily activated with the thumb. The steering wheel is covered in suede and finished with unique stitching in Indigo Blue. Behind the steering wheel is a 12.4-inch digital instrument panel with configurable screens and clusters that change layout in each driving mode.

Contrasting blue stitching in the trim of the door panels and seats, the gear lever cover and the center console, along with the blue seat belts, enhance the mood of the interior. The Dark Horse Appearance Pack also includes seats upholstered in Deep Indigo Blue, with a unique perforation that reveals a blue glow beneath the surface.

The moldings, trim rings and air vents are finished in Black Alley, a dark metallic paint that replaces the usual silver finish of the other Mustang variants. In cars with a manual transmission, the focus is on the gear knob made of anodized blue titanium. The pin is drilled out for easy heat dissipation.

With the introduction of Dark Horse, the Mustang returns in several international racing classes, such as GT3, GT4 and NASCAR.

The Dark Horse S was developed specifically for motorsport, as a stripped-down version of the street-legal Dark Horse. All non-essential parts and trim have been removed. Inside, the Dark Horse S features an FIA approved roll cage, safety net, a racing bucket seat with seat belts and a quick release racing steering wheel. Other safety features include a main switch and a fire extinguishing system.

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