Roetz launches ‘for life’ e-bike

The Dutch bicycle company Roetz today introduces its latest e-bike innovation: Roetz Life. With the growing popularity of e-bikes, the mountain of waste consisting of e-waste is rising, and the pressure on the globe is also growing. Born from his mission to reduce the waste problem, Roetz focused on the design of a less polluting electric bicycle. This resulted in an e-bike designed to last a lifetime using a modular and adaptable design, high quality materials and smart technology. The Roetz Life is now available for pre-order.

Growing mountain of e-waste

The electric bike is on the rise among teenagers, young professionals, young parents, delivery drivers, long-distance cyclists and over 50s. In 2021, more than half of the bicycles sold in the Netherlands were electric for the first time.* “It is clear that you get from A to B faster with an electric bicycle than on a regular bicycle, and that it is more sustainable than car traffic at the same time. But unlike its analogue brother, the e-bike makes a significant contribution to one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world: electronic waste or ‘e-waste’. Electric bikes from ten years ago are no longer seen on the street. A dead battery is often a moment for people to discard the bike,” says Tiemen ter Hoeven, founder of Roetz.

A future-proof electric bicycle

Since 2011, the Amsterdam-based bike brand has been making designer bikes made from orphan bikes. By offering sustainable alternatives to one of the most used means of transport, Roetz wants to tackle the ever-growing waste problem together with its customers. Now that the e-bike has entered the cycling landscape never to leave, the company felt compelled to come up with a sustainable alternative. Tiemen ter Hoeven: “Our designers, mechanics and technicians spent three years designing a future-proof e-bike. An e-bike that has been completely redesigned, of which the bike is made up of separate modules that can be easily replaced or repaired. Even if, in the meantime, new innovations – such as a more sustainable battery – come to market, so you get a bike that lasts a lifetime instead of being scrapped unnecessarily early.” The bike lasts much longer than an average e-bike because it grows fully with the user’s life stages and associated needs. In addition to the options for a child seat or luggage carrier, in the near future there will be options to expand the bike to, for example, a cargo bike or a speed pedelec.

Locally and socially produced

Circularity is an essential part of Roetz’s corporate DNA. The founders are convinced that a sustainable future is only possible if producers take responsibility for the entire chain of a product. Careful handling of people and materials is central to the company. In addition to a very thorough selection of materials largely produced in the Netherlands and Europe, all bikes are built in their own social factory in Amsterdam, the Fair Factory. The new Roetz Life also includes a monitoring system that identifies repair needs at an early stage and proactively sends a message about this to the user to extend the life cycle of the materials. Broken parts are repaired or replaced at home by a mechanic and, if necessary, taken back to the Messefabrikken to be ready for the next life. In this way, the bike brand offers those looking for a fast but worry-free cycling experience a sustainable option that burdens the planet as little as possible. “We see our latest innovation as more than a sustainable e-bike. Roetz Life is a turning point, a next step in circularity, a future-proof way of consuming,” says ter Hoeven.

A Roetz Life membership is now available with an introductory price from 86 euros including VAT per month. The electric bike is also for sale from 3375 euros incl. VAT, whereby Roetz offers a buy-back guarantee to ensure that the material cycle remains closed. The first Roetz Life e-bikes can be pre-ordered from today.

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