Looking back: What did Máxima do and wear in the US?

Last week, from September 6 to 9, Queen Máxima paid a working visit to the United States on economic relations. Queen Elizabeth died during her visit at the age of 96. As a result, news of Máxima’s solo trip snowballed a bit. King Willem-Alexander also wanted to join first, but was forced to cancel due to pneumonia. We take a look back at the program and the mode.

Queen Máxima begins her journey on Tuesday with a visit to San Francisco City Hall. There she raises the Dutch flag together with Mayor London Breed. The day continues in the Castro neighborhood. Many people live here who are committed to equal rights for LGBTI people. The Queen spends a lot of time with them and sends the company greetings from King Willem-Alexander.

In the afternoon, Máxima will sign a document on tackling climate change. She then expressed her wish for more cooperation between the Netherlands and California.

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Queen Máxima receives a warm welcome from the mayor.

Maxima Castro

The Queen speaks with a representative of the LGBTI community in the Castro district.

The pink dress that Queen Máxima wore during the day is from her favorite fashion house Natan. We have seen the dress before during the King’s Day celebrations in Maastricht, earlier this year.

Máxima takes a selfie

Máxima on King’s Day, 27 April 2022.

On Tuesday evening, Máxima will again give a speech at the town hall. Here she says she admires California’s mentality: “Don’t wait for circumstances to force you to act, but rather take matters into your own hands.” It may seem risky at first, but in the end it makes you stronger, according to the queen.

Maxima San Francisco

Máxima arrives at the town hall.

Máxima wore a golden outfit by designer Claes Iversen on Tuesday evening. We’ve seen this outfit several times: at the Holland Festival in 2019 and at her 49th birthday in 2020.

Design without title

Queen Máxima in 2019 (left) and when she baked Argentine cookies on her 49th birthday (right).

On Wednesday, Queen Máxima begins her day at the University of California at Berkeley. Prince Friso and Princess Laurentien studied at this university. The school offers a study of Dutch. Máxima spoke to students and teachers about the study. After this, she briefly took a look at the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The program continues with a visit to Google, where the topic ‘future challenges’ is central.

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Maxima visits the Golden Gate Bridge

Maxima visits the Golden Gate Bridge.

At a Dutch school in Silicon Valley, the queen is showered with gifts from children. She received several drawings, cards and even a chocolate tulip. Máxima says she will “delight” with the latter’s presence. The Queen also wanted to know how the children experience life in California. “Very sunny and very hot, I think”, she assessed.


Queen Máxima again chose a Natan dress on the second day of her visit. We’ve seen the creation twice before, when she paired it with a large hat. The first time was during a regional visit to Salland. Almost a year later, during the presentation of the Four Freedom Awards in Middelburg, the dress appeared again.

Máxima green dress

Queen Máxima during the regional visit (left) and in Middelburg (right).

After spending two days in California, Máxima flies on to Texas. A meeting with Governor Greg Abbott is on the agenda there. Máxima gets a pair of cowboy boots from him. The Queen was visibly excited and said her first pair of heels were also cowboy boots.

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Thursday continues with a visit to Austin City Hall. Máxima then bikes with Mayor Steve Adler along the Colorado River to the next location: a library.


Máxima previously wore this dress from Natan during a visit to Germany in 2021.

Maxima Berlin

Queen Máxima in Berlin last year.

In the evening, the Queen, dressed in a new outfit, visits the football club Austin FC’s stadium. There she is updated on Dutch lamps that allow the grass to grow and sustainable cooling. Subsequently, the Queen was present at the signing of a cooperation agreement between Austin FC and the Eindhoven club PSV.

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Queen Máxima ends her working visit on Friday in the city of Houston. At the town hall, she is met by Dutch children who, like the queen, were dressed in orange.

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During a boat ride on Buffalo Bayou, Máxima learns all about measures Houston has taken to prevent flooding. The Queen then visits a medical center that focuses on innovative treatments against cancer. Máxima talks there with children who are being treated for the disease.



Queen Máxima was dressed in an orange Natan dress for the first part of Friday. She first wore this design during a regional visit to Southeast Friesland in 2020. A year later, in the summer of 2021, we got to see the dress again when Máxima opened a city in Amsterdam.

Máxima orange dress

Máxima by bike in Friesland (left) and in Amsterdam (right).

The visit to the USA will finally end with a reception at the Museum of Fine Arts. Here, Máxima gives another speech under the watchful eye of Dutch and American companies in Texas.

Afterwards, Queen Máxima told the Dutch press that she had had a good discussion about the abortion law. She voiced her support for the agency to conservative Governor Greg Abbott. Máxima says to Texan women the same thing she would say to other women: “women should take their chances”, and have their right to freedom of choice.


Máxima wears a floral jumpsuit from Seren during the last part of her journey. We’ve already seen this outfit on the Queen several times. She wore the pantsuit in 2020 on King’s Day and in 2021 during the Special Olympic Games in The Hague.

Máxima pantsuit

On King’s Day (left) and in The Hague (centre and right).

Picture: ANP

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