Máxima in romantic pink during a regional visit to De Peel

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are today in North Brabant on a regional visit to Peel. The royal couple visits the municipalities of Deurne, Gemert-Bakel and Helmond.

The visit focuses on developments in nature conservation, the future of the agricultural sector, new forms of social cooperatives and innovative entrepreneurship in the Peel region. Corona’s impact on the hard-hit area in 2020 is also considered.

De Peel is a region located in North Brabant and Limburg and was originally an area of ​​swamps, birch forests, heath and fields. The peat area has largely been excavated for peat extraction. Today, the region is characterized by agricultural and natural areas. Brabantse Peel refers to the south-eastern part of North Brabant with the Peel municipalities of Asten, Deurne, Gemert-Bakel, Helmond, Laarbeek and Someren. The municipalities work closely together regionally in areas such as strategic coordination in areas such as spatial development and economy and in the implementation of e.g. security, waste treatment and regional marketing.


The royal couple are the first to visit the Deurnsche Peel in the municipality of Deurne. During a walk, the couple receives an explanation of this Natura 2000 nature reserve. The forester, local residents and representatives of Werkgroep Behoud de Peel and Aa en Maas Water Board explain the importance of nature conservation in this area, the effects of nitrogen deposition and the transition from cultivated land to natural land. There is also attention paid to wildfires in Peel. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima then spoke to various farmers from the area about the effects of the proximity of a Natura 2000 area on their agricultural businesses. The farmers explain their views on current affairs and indicate their options for the future.


In Gemert-Bakel municipality, the royal couple is received in the town hall. Care workers, a former corona patient, relatives of corona victims and others involved talk about their experiences during the pandemic and about the impact of corona on care and society in Peel. Then King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima go to the Boerenbondsmuseum. The museum is located in the birthplace of father Gerlachus van den Elsen, the founder of the North Brabant Christian Farmers’ Association and several farmers’ cooperatives. The royal couple gets an explanation about the origins of the cooperative idea. In a roundtable discussion, representatives of various contemporary cooperatives then give their vision of the importance of cooperatives in Peel and explain the opportunities and challenges of a cooperative.

Photo: PPE/Nieboer


The royal couple concludes their regional visit to the Automotive Campus in Helmond with a focus on daring and innovation. The campus is a meeting and business location within automotive (technology) and smart mobility. During a ride in a self-driving shuttle, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima hear about the last-mile principle, where transport is used to bridge the last mile to the final destination when traveling by public transport. The royal couple also get an explanation of the different test forms for self-driving transport. Then Brainport Development and the municipality talk about the Brandevoort district in Helmond. The goal is to develop the smartest neighborhood in the world by using the latest insights and techniques in participation, health, data, mobility, energy and circularity to create a sustainable and viable living environment. The regional visit concludes with a round table discussion with various companies that innovate with high technology in the field of mobility or energy.

Queen Máxima is on the romantic tour today. Her soft pink dress with ruffles is a design by Natan, her handmade flower headband is a design by Berry Rutjes.

Photo: PPE/Nieboer
Photo: PPE/Nieboer

Because of the many walks and the swampy ground, the Queen wears flat shoes.

The dress and headband were previously seen at the opening of the Jeroen Pit House on May 11, 2022.

Photo: PPE

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