NFT Signals becomes a partner in BEASTLIKE just before much talked about mint

NFT Signals, the NFT signal service that has delivered over $50 million in total profits to its members to date, has announced that it is partnering with the revolutionary NFT project Beastlike.

Beastlike is doing something different with its collection of NFTs based on a 10-year-old game idea called Shonobi Tribe that never made it to market.

This project does something that has never been done before by harnessing the power of NFTs to improve rarity, playability, and a story in the Beastlife universe. There is nothing on the market like Beastlike, which truly makes this project groundbreaking.

With a lot of passion and love, the team has succeeded in bringing to market an innovative and artistic masterpiece that will charm collectors and dealers alike.

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Rare increase in value

While most NFT collections are carried over from a single base character, Beastlike has 50. Each of the 50 ‘Beast’ animal breeds and 10 custom elemental strains combine in different ways to create a collection of 30,000 pieces of unique NFTs.

Individual traits include all the typical aspects of a fantasy series, such as armor, facials, weapons, tribes, etc.

But because of Beastlife’s rich approach, the collection as a whole offers a deeper experience, which simply means more character variety and therefore greater appeal for serious gamers and true collectors.

Thanks to these design decisions, Beastlike is able to offer eight levels of rarity, starting with standard at 23,000 pieces, progressing to secret at 5 pieces.

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Groundbreaking on all platforms

Beastlike takes it one step further and solves a top-of-the-list problem for gamers of all stripes – how to transport your gaming experience between formats.

You have to imagine a situation where card games, board games, DND (Dungeons & Dragons) meet. Beastlike allows your character to exist on all platforms at once.

In the coming period, the team will work on the 3D avatars on the NFT cards.

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An interesting story to tell in a completely new way

In the end, none of the rarities matter unless there is an interesting story to tell.

The story is based on a 3000 year history and instead of unnaturally added prequels and sequels, Beastlife starts in the middle of the story timeline and works its way out.

And it’s not for nothing that they say, “There really is nothing like Beastlife.”

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Partnership offers a wide range of synergies to discover

The fact that Beastlike will partner with NFT Signals is a win-win for both brands.

On the one hand, Beastlike is getting on the radar of some of the industry’s most committed people. This while giving the NFT Signals community access to one of the most sought after strike events of recent months.

The Beastlike community gets a 15% discount on all NFT Signals packages. In return, the NFT Signals community will receive 100 whitelist slots for the 30,000 Beastlike collection of 50 ancient animal species.

Beastlike mint from September 19

The collective coin on September 19, with each piece starting at 0.05 ETH for WL members and 0.09 ETH for public sale.

Both NFT Signals and Beastlike will announce the partnership on their social media channels.

Here are the full mint details:

● Total inventory: 30,000

● Price: WL: 0.05 ETH. Public sale: from 0.09 ETH

● date of coin: September 19, 2022

● Time: 9am (EST) is 11pm (JST)

●Public sale: September 20, 2022

● Time: 9am (EST) is 11pm (JST)

In response to the partnership and the upcoming event, a Beastlike spokesperson said:

“NFT Signals has done a great job helping its community recognize value in the NFT sector

“As a premium NFT collection, we are delighted to partner with a VIP service such as NFT Signals.

“We love the way NFT Signal works hard to keep its community safe and informed as they collect and trade unique and valuable art.”

Darnell McWilliams, Head of Marketing at NFT Signals, says:

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with Beastlike and we love what they are doing with their revolutionary new approach in the NFT space.

“We look forward to welcoming members of the Beastlike community to our top-rated trading service.”

About Beastlike

BEASTLIKE is a revolutionary NFT project, unlike just a digital token, we have created an open world environment designed around 50 ancient animal breeds aligned with 10 different elemental tribes.

All artworks are signed and unique. Phase 1 includes 30,000 unique animals. These animals come from 20 different breeds, each with different armor, weapons, fur, color, expressions, backgrounds and other characteristics. This makes it the most unique collection ever made.

Members who own beastlife’s NFTs don’t just get a nice piece of artwork. They are also rewarded and gain access to other large sections of society. Beastlife is not only about creating a product, but it is rewriting a brand and creating a revolution.

Beastlife is designed to expand across the board across platforms. This includes RPG, graphic novel, a strike platform, digital currency, membership clubs and more.

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About NFT signals

The NFT Signals packages have three different pricing options. Monthly, quarterly and annual packages are priced at £50, $75 and £250 respectively. You should add around 15% on top of this in Euros at the time of writing.

This is what you get in the packages:

● At least 5 signals per week

● Information on obtaining so-called whitelists for upcoming projects.

● Free coin warning


The number of signals will vary depending on market conditions and the service emphasizes to members that they do not engage in overtrading. The service is also flexible, so it is up to each member to decide which signals to trade on and how much to invest.

NFT-Signals advises members not to allocate more than 5% of their trading pot to a single trade.

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