Selection for provisional solution project Guisweg in Zaandijk


ZAANDIJK – The provisional preferred alternative to the Guisweg project is the variant with the so-called southern location of the new link road. The municipal council in Zaanstad municipality has decided that.

This preferred alternative ensures better traffic safety and accessibility, higher quality in the living environment, more attractive public space and a more future-proof spatial structure. In addition, the design contributes to a better function of the A8 and is in line with Zaanstad municipality’s long-term vision for the area. The statement from the municipal council in Zaanstad municipality will follow on 6 October. The environment can already react to the provisionally preferred alternative – until 1 November.

This choice was made by the partners, namely the Amsterdam Transport Region, Zaanstad Municipality, ProRail, the Province of Noord-Holland, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Rijkswaterstaat, based on the studies and the studies carried out. in recent months by the project group.

What’s happening again?

The intersection of Guisweg in Zaandijk with the railway and Provincialeweg has been a bottleneck for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists for years. It is unclear, uncertain and the waiting times are long. The number of passengers will increase in the coming years, and more trains will therefore run on the route in the future. The arrival of new housing in Zaanstad contributes to this growth in mobility. The area is also poorly accessible for motorists from the north and west.

Good public transport to the neighbourhood

Gerard Slegers, vice-chairman of the Amsterdam transport region and councilor for accessibility, mobility and parking in Zaanstad municipality: “The Guisweg project not only contributes to a safer railway crossing for our passengers, but also to fewer waiting times and therefore a better flow of traffic. In addition, it provides better access to the area new possibilities in terms of housing construction. Think about more trains in the future so that current and new residents in the neighborhood have good public transport.”

Harro Homan, regional director of ProRail, can confirm this. “With this major project, we are making Guisweg safer and helping to make Zaanstad even more accessible. As part of the High-Frequency Rail Programme, we want to ensure that more trains can run between Alkmaar and Amsterdam in the future. It requires work on railways, stations and overpasses. With this underpass in Zaandijk, we are taking an important step.”

A new cycle and pedestrian tunnel and connecting road

The partners expect an improvement in traffic because the railway crossing will disappear and, among other things, a new connecting road for motorists and a bicycle and pedestrian tunnel will pass under the railway. A8 exit 3 to Westerkoog and Rooswijk will have an entrance and exit. In this alternative, the partners choose to close the A8 connection 2 Zaanstad Koog and Zaandijk. “This creates opportunities for improvement in the immediate environment,” says Slegers. “One of the positive effects is that traffic safety is improved. At the moment, the current connection is still experienced as uncomfortable and unsafe due to the short entry and exit runway.”

More space for bicycles and greenery

Slegers continues: “Accessibility will improve from and to the area. However, the closure of the A8 junction 2 means that the immediate vicinity will have to take a detour to get to the A8. For example via the new link road or the Zaandam junction. But because this will reduce traffic nuisance in the area and provide space for bicycles and greenery, it is a well-considered choice that fits into Zaanstad Municipality’s policy. In this alternative, Sluissloot can remain open, unlike the other alternative. The water system and the space for leisure boats to and from Oud-Koog does not change as a result, which is important for the cultural history of Zaandijk.”

All future changes at a glance

The provisional preferred alternative that the partners are now proposing is as follows:

The unsafe railway crossing disappears; A new cycle and pedestrian tunnel will be built in place of the railway crossing; For cyclists and pedestrians, the new east-west tunnel will be connected to the north-south cycle path along the railway via a ramp; On the east side of Provincialeweg, a cycle route will lead from Guisweg, via Zaandijk Zaanse Schans station, to Verzetstraat; There will be a new east-west link road for car traffic between the A8 junction 3, close to the police station, and Provincialeweg. The connecting road will be partially submerged and pass under the Wezelstraat, an aqueduct, the railway and the cycle path. Provincialeweg will be partially deepened; Sluissloot remains open; A8 terminal 2 closes; A8 connection 3 has entrance and exit.

What now

The interim preferred alternative now available has been released for public consultation. The environment can react to that. The project group will organize various meetings in the near future to explain this. The further elaboration of the preliminary preferred alternative, including the processing of the consultation responses, will follow in the autumn of 2022. The final preferred alternative will follow then, in early 2023. After this, the planning phase can start. , after which the realization phase, construction, Start.

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