New Crypto Coins to Buy 9/18: Tamadoge, Nyan and More

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Crypto and how it works is still a relatively new concept to most people. It is new to many people that they are not backed by government authorities, which makes people see it as a risky investment.

Although investing in crypto certainly involves risks, the potential profit that can be made is very large. Especially when you compare it to traditional ways of investing such as stocks and bonds.

The big difference between this traditional way of investing and the crypto market is that crypto is still in the development phase, so you continuously launch innovative and interesting projects like Tamadoge. They are competing against major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum to capture market share.

Through blockchain it is possible to constantly launch new coins, most of which achieve little or no success. In this article you can read about my top 3 cryptocurrencies that are good investments at the moment.

Tamadoge (TAMA) – Best new crypto in the presale

Tamadoge is the meme coin that will be used in Tamaverse and works on the basis of a Play-to-Earn (P2E) system. Users can raise, groom and compete against other users with their doge, an NFT avatar. By fighting it is possible to win doge points.

Tama is used on Tamavese for everything from receiving rewards, buying NFTs and processing transactions. Each Tamadoge pet is a unique NFT and these are created using smart contracts. This allows users to breed their pets and participate in tournaments to earn TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge Lbank

TAMA is built on the ERC-20 standard, with a maximum number of tokens that can be created, which is 2 billion. The big difference with other Meme Coins is that it is a deflationary token. 65% of tokens are used for P2E dogepool, from which rewards are paid to players, another 30% of all tokens are intended for marketing.

Although Tamadoge is still in the early stages, this very interesting project has the coming years to work on getting the token to the central exchanges and collaborating with other metaverse developers. LBank and UniSwap have already agreed to offer the project later this year.

Tamadoge pre-sale, completely sold out in no time!

The developers of Tamadoge have already made plans in the form of a roadmap, for example people can invest in TAMA via MetaMask or Wallet Connect. The pre-sale is from TAMA at the beginning of July this year, and unfortunately it is no longer possible to visit Tamadoge’s website and exchange the currency for ETH or USDT here. The pre-sale has just sold out!

Nyan Heroes – the future of Battle Royale

Nyan Heroes is a game to earn (P2E) third-person shooter in a metaverse. The game is created on the Solana blockchain and in the game you control a giant robot as a cute Nyan cat. The game genre is a combination of science fiction, fantasy and an action game. Players can participate in different game modes. In one game, you have a PVP-like Battle Royale game mode where you can play with two other people or a group of friends.

As a P2E third-person shooter on the Solona blockchain, Nyan Heroes offers only the best of the best. The ultimate goal is to create a game where players meet and compete against opponents in a dynamic and open PVP environment.

Defeating opponents, winning matches, and completing quests will earn players tokens that can be used in the game’s metaverse. Nyan Heroes has a long history of partnering with blockchain industry leaders such as Chainlink and Brave Browser. The Metaverse NFT game owes much of its success to its 40 launch pads.

Do you want more information? View a Nyan Heroes white paper.

Nyan Heroes is backed by a large number of well-known crypto companies and this adds to the credibility of the platform. The platform’s initial token is abbreviated to NYN, and the NFT presale begins on October 16. It will hold an IDO in May 2023.

GT Protocol – Create a pool of DeFi Smart Contracts

The GT protocol is a secure, open source and decentralized solution that allows companies or individuals to create a pool of DeFi smart contracts. These pools (groups) can then provide or collect liquidity in the DeFi market and profit from it through a profit sharing model.

GTP is the token that allows users to create a DeFi pool and stake their GTP. The token can also be used to allow new projects to participate in an IDO sale on the GT protocol, participate in the insurance fund, or vote for governance tokens.

GT protocol twitter

GT Protocol was founded by a group that has been launching this project for eight years. Since 2017 they have been really dedicated to launching this crypto and are also involved in matters around NFT markets, wallets, custody solutions and creation of a lending platform.

Peter Ionov and Vlad Balaban are the co-founders of the platform who chose to launch their own venture in 2019. Called Jet-Bot, an application for duplicating trades at Binance. The platform was a very big success.

A few months later, the site was recognized by Binance and became an official partner. The team has chosen to offer their copytrading products on the DeFi market after seeing the great success on the CEX exchanges. For this reason, the group behind Jet-Bot has renamed itself GT System (Global Traders Protocol) and developed a decentralized protocol for managing DeFi pools.

The market and the public are getting very excited about these kind of technological developments, but there is still work to be done because there is always room for improvement in the technology and the team will be developing many updates and new features in the near future.

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