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When it comes to screening technology, director Paul Schriek from Invicon Industrial BV can briefly formulate his company’s vision for the future: “Designs and delivers finished vibration technology solutions. Yes; also in the form of top-quality screening installations”.

With a relatively small team, Invicon Industrial BV from Loosdrecht supplies the Dutch and foreign industry with tailor-made vibration solutions. The special screening machines, vibrating tubes and vibrating troughs find their way into virtually all sectors of the bulk and powder processing industry. And this for over 35 years. “We remain seven all our lives,” director Paul Schriek said. In any case, it is a vision of the future that has an eye for the company’s continuity.

Vibration technique

Invicon’s strength lies in its solid knowledge of how to make particles vibrate and move in the right way. “The design of such installations requires a considerable amount of specialist knowledge and experience, plus a sense of instinct which should not be underestimated”, says Paul Schriek. “For example, especially fine powders can behave unruly. Think agglomeration, sticking and bridging. These are difficult qualities when it comes to getting a product off the ground and letting it flow properly. The large differences in the physical behavior of solids do not make it easy to install metering chutes, vibrating screens, vibrating tables or silo beaters successfully.”


Invicon designs the machines within its own ranges. The company, which specializes in vibration technology, is very application-oriented and in the vast majority of cases supplies custom-made units. For example, it is possible that the drive of a vibrating trough is placed in a different location due to an installation limitation at the customer. Or that a vibrating chute not only transports a product, but also cools it at the same time. In orders from the food industry, great emphasis is placed on hygiene and ease of cleaning in the installations.
“Customers can convince themselves of the quality of our systems by carrying out tests if desired on site. We have the final manufacturing and installation of the system carried out by a permanent Dutch partner.”

A 3-deck fractionating sieve from Invicon


Particles that are all the same size but different weights cannot be separated with a sieve. If these particles are also very similar in color, an optical separation technique is often not the solution. The challenge then is to separate the particles on the basis of their different specific masses. “In those situations, we can create a separation with an adjustable air flow,” explains Paul Schriek. “The air flow is perpendicular to the transport direction of the material flow. The heavy particles continue their path, but the light particles are carried along in the air flow and separated. This technology is suitable for cleaning rice from small stones or a stream of shrimp from the empty shells.”

Special applications

Being able to deliver custom work almost automatically brings Invicon to special applications. “In England, for example, frozen ice is nicely straightened with a vibrating system developed by us”, Paul Schriek gives as an example. “We also make sure that broken biscuits are removed from a product flow and that the good biscuits are vibrated in such a way that they lie close together before they get into the packaging. We repeatedly deliver a special vibrating table to a Chinese customer, where big bags can be filled with about twenty percent more product. It makes a significant difference in the costs of transport and storage.”
A notable application is the removal of police bullets from the sand at shooting ranges. This is necessary because the bullets with new shots can bounce off old bullets with all the risks involved. “This cleaning process is carried out with a mobile screening machine from Xava. The cleaned sand is returned to the shooting range.”

Xava Recycling

The mobile screening machine comes from the Austrian company Xava Recycling, which is represented by Invicon in the Benelux. The mobile Xava machines are used for on-site screening of all kinds of, often coarse, materials such as soil, building rubble, gravel, chips and compost. “There are four versions,” says Paul Schriek. “The smallest can be moved by hand and has a single screen deck. The largest two machines can directly separate materials into three fractions. When it comes to temporary jobs, it is possible to rent a machine.”

A mobile screening installation from Xava Recycling

Vibration components

Invicon also supplies a comprehensive range of vibration technology components. The range varies from electromagnetic vibrators to eccentric and heavy unbalance motors. In addition to a wide selection of vibrating chutes, vibrating screens and vibrating tubes, one can also learn about components such as pneumatic vibrators and beaters, leaf springs, vibration dampers and thyristor regulators, including their versatile applications.


The most important parameters for designing a vibration system are frequency and amplitude. These quantities can be measured with modern micro-electromechanical sensors (MEMS). “You can also find this technology in car airbags,” says Invicon CEO Paul Schriek. “These sensors immediately detect any acceleration. With MEMS, we can directly control a vibrating screen or vibrating chute. For example, if the load factor changes, this is immediately visible in the vibration image, and the system can automatically adjust the parameters.”

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