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New supervisor for the City Center and Station Area
Architect Don Murphy will be the new Eindhoven Supervisor for the city center and station area. This can be read in the ED of 16 September. He challenges architects and designers in the city to give Eindhoven a specific identity. Of course, we won’t be told that twice, so here’s our contribution to what he believes to be Eindhoven’s hallmark, namely a progressive view of architecture, urban planning and economics.

The town hall area
The town hall area has been an ugly and disused lot for some years, but we have not yet been able to see buildable proposals for interpreting the area. These designs must therefore be realized in the Town Hall area between the Town Hall and Catharina Church.

State of the Art
We have already conveyed our opinion about the professional architects loud and clear on this page. Our proposals for high-rise buildings have not produced the desired results. We have also given completed projects a bad grade.

This contribution comes from well-intentioned amateurs, but the result fits seamlessly in terms of level with what has been conceived by the professionals.

The pros take something small and then expand it into something you can walk around in. Then they will glow with pride. We have already seen pencils 170 meters high, light bulbs 70 meters high, pizza boxes 50 by 50 meters and urban forests the size of a postage stamp. These designs suit it well. So here are a few suggestions that are also not feasible.

A kaleidscope of new cutting-edge forward-thinking designs

The crown stone

The Kroonsteentje is a tool that can be found in any Eindhoven toolbox. It’s a recognizable shape that begs for a ridiculously tall copy as a beautiful slender building to serve as the city’s eye-catcher. We walk at least 300 meters. Eindhoven’s skyline shows its electrotechnical past.

It is a sustainable building, because if the building is too small, you can simply build a few more floors on top.

The airy and transparent architecture, complemented by a regularity that many buildings nowadays unfortunately lack, will be a feast for the eyes of the Eindhoven technician.

We therefore expect this to become one of the style icons of the City of Light. Eindhoven365 will be busy with it.

The building can also easily be equipped with sparkling Christmas lights at Christmas. Pull the hole, tighten the screw and Done=Kees.


The Amsterdammer or A’dammer cabinet is a true Dutch design icon from Pastoe and for that reason alone is a good fit for the Design City of Eindhoven. To compensate for the latent Eindhoven inferiority complex, we use diminutive ‘Amsterdammertje’ as a nickname for this building to bully Amsterdam Ajax fans.

The design could be a combination of two apartments, 150 meters and 200 meters high.

Imagine the epic ribbed door in front of the facade sliding open early in the morning to reveal the interior of the joy of life. In the evening at sunset, the door slides back down with a groan to save energy AND it guarantees the privacy of the residents. The rooms therefore do not need curtains, which in turn gives a whole square meter of living space!

The typewriter

The typewriter is a writing instrument from the last millennium. Yet it was bursting with mechanical engineering that gave rise to words still used in modern word processors today. Think of the ‘Return’ key or the Car Return key which made you go to the beginning of the next line. Think capital and small letters, both letters on the same arm; with the Shift key you moved the upper or lower case letter in front of the paper.

Just building a typewriter on a large scale is not challenging enough for the engineers. Therefore, the thing must be built upside down. It would be nice if it all went back and forth when you hit ‘Tab’ and pinged at the end of the line.
The lower floors are intended for less energy-efficient organic industry. The top for social rental housing. A small house on each key.

The mousetrap

That Muizenval is an iconic small-scale sustainable wooden building with a familiar shape. Spring gives a strong impression of strength to the residents when the stupid things get going. A real Brainport impulse. This is because the bike shed is designed on the separate platform. If too many bikes are parked, the mechanism will kick in and the bikes can be found again within a radius of five kilometers. After re-tensioning the spring, the bike shed is empty and the efficient storage process can start again. Never again a full bike shed, what a find!

The stapler

The right side of The Stapler this time stands upright on a small foundation. The left arm hangs in the air above the Eindhoven team. It shouldn’t break this time, because according to the designer, not the calculator, the thing holds everything up nicely in the air. The penthouses will have a complex hinge in the living room if the staples are used up and new ones must be installed.

Glass of water

The Glass Water is a literally and figuratively beautiful fully transparent modern high tech design that the Brainport region SHOULD be proud of. The building, which is about 120 meters high, can best be placed in the middle of a pond, so that the whole has even more impact on the experience of the passing cyclist. The access road to the parking garage, the bicycle shed and the postman must be built under water so as not to disturb the transparent image. It can also be seen that the windows should not be too clean to have maximum effect.

The multimeter and The hole shot

Would anyone be interested in making a description of these buildings in the architect’s gossip language? The author of this story will thank you.

In planning
There are proposals on the way for a number of more designs. we think about The USB stick, the light switch, the glass container (an old glass television), T65 (a dial telephone), DAF33 (with a variomatic in the elevator) and The Twilight Lamp.

Architecture or urban planning
We have deliberately not added any connection between the designs of the buildings. That is the task of an urban planner and not the task of an architect.

And Don Murphy is an architect ‘so’ who does not look at the context of the whole.

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