Tamadog Presale Hits $19 Million Hard Cap Despite Bitcoin Drop

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The most talked about token presale in 2022 has ended and may just become the cryptocurrency that will save investors’ portfolios in the falling crypto market.

The Tamadoge (TAMA) presale closed last night after the presale on tamadoge.io reached the hard cap of $19 million.

That while Bitcoin has fallen 8.5% in the past 24 hours and Ethereum has even lost more than 11% in value in one day.

Tamadoge Presale Timeline

Tamadog’s presale began on July 25, 2022 with a beta sale. In the first phase of the presale, the price of TAMA was only $0.01.

It helped to attract the attention of Yahoo Finance, which found the use of the currency interesting:

Unlike other meme coins, Tamadoge has its own application. The coin is used in the various games on the platform, which are packed with virtual Tamadoge pets. Players can stamp, raise and eventually compete with a Tamadoge to level up. Tamadoge will be a Play-to-Earn game that has learned from the mistakes of previous P2E applications.

Yahoo Finance carried additional reports on Tamadoge later as pre-sales broke through the $5 million and $8 million barriers.

CNBC also talked about Tamadoge after the presale raised $15 million.

The fact that sales have surpassed Ethereum and the popular Move-to-Earn platform STPEN is an excellent indicator of possible future growth. Some experts predict a growth of 10x in 2023, while others dare to go as far as 50x. Tamadoge also has a good trust score, CoinSniper has completed a full KYC on the developer team, and the project has received a ‘100% secure’ mark from the Solid Proof audit.

The Tamadoge presale was supposed to run until the end of 2022, but completely sold out in less than 8 weeks.

Tamadog Crypto Exchange Listings

In the next phase, investors can claim their TAMA tokens for the first time, before this an explanation will be given on how to make the tokens as secure as possible. This explanation can be found on the official Tamadoge Telegram and Discord on September 20 (Admins will never send you a DM, watch out for potential scams).

As a Tamadoge investor, you can also choose to receive email updates about the project.

Last month, the LBank exchange confirmed via Twitter that Tamadoge will be listed on the platform.

The ERC-20 token will also have an IDO, this initial DEX offering will be at Uniswap and the price will start at $0.03, which Tamadoge was also on sale for in the last phase of the presale.

As the Tamadoge presale sold out earlier than expected, the team is already in the process of arranging new IPOs for the coin.

Whale purchase for 55.8 ETH for Tamadoge

CNBC’s mention of this new cryptocurrency and its 10x or higher potential has accelerated the cryptocurrency’s selloff, raising more than $1 million over the weekend.

In addition to CNBC, Tamadoge has also been featured on websites such as Bitcoinist, BeInCrypto, NewsBTC and various crypto social media influencers.

Jacob Crypto Bury found that a whale bought Tamadoge for as much as 55.8 ETH. This could be found on Etherscan.

It may have been a very successful trade for the whale in question, as the price of Ethereum subsequently fell by more than 10% in 24 hours.

Carl Dawkins, Head of Growth at Tamadoge, spoke at the Blockchain and NFT conference in London last week. This was part of London Metaverse Week and also brought together several Tamadoge investors.

New crypto token presales and ICOs can outperform other coins in a bear market if the timing is right. Investor sentiment, the hype and optimism in the early stages can cause significant price increases.

The Bitcoin price may rise again in the coming days, but it depends in part on a meeting in America of the Federal Reserve. You can read more about that here on CryptoNews.

Read more at Tamadoge.io

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