The 6 steps to a successful flyer

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The 6 steps to a successful flyer
The use of a flyer is still immensely popular. Online advertising has a large
range, but it doesn’t always seem to work well. The chance of success with one
physical flyer is much larger. Why? A flyer is a physical product. Out
Several studies show that many people still find it most comfortable to put something in
to have hands. But how do you secure a good flyer? We take you in 6 steps
for the perfect flyer (campaign)!

Step 1: What is the purpose of your flyer?
The most important thing before starting the design is to have a clear idea of ​​what
the purpose of your flyers. Do you want to announce something? And is it an event or just one
(new product? Or maybe you are more concerned with informing the reader,
without a direct commercial approach. When you know what the goal is, you know where the focus is
can be incorporated into your design.
Do you have more goals? Then choose one as the main goal that you focus on the most
put. By dividing the focus evenly, you can make sure you don’t get it
desired result achieved. It’s better than tackling one goal well.

Step 2: Recognizability of flyer and company
Corporate identity is something you’ve probably heard of. It’s the style that comes back in everything
expression, both online and offline. By consistently using the same style,
you create a certain degree of recognition. The higher this recognition, yes
it becomes easier to catch people’s attention. If you do it right,
then people in the end only need half a picture to know that the expression of you
coming. Don’t have a corporate identity yet and don’t really know how to get one? Then it is wise
to sit down with a professional. These people have learned for it
and understand it. With good tips and ideas, you can also find a good fit
get a corporate identity!

Step 3: Clear Title
With a good clear and catchy title you can easily catch the reader’s attention
Drag. It is not always easy to find the perfect title for your flyers. That
must be catchy, provocative, but also directly refer to the content of the flyer. It is a
thin line on which you balance. So think extra carefully about the title. Here more often
consciously working on it will eventually make it easier and increase the chance of
a successful flyer considerably.

Step 4: Text and image on your flyer
You want to tell as much as possible on a flyer. But be careful with whole chunks of text,
which generally only works in the opposite direction. It works better with short sentences,
summaries and subheadings. This makes the information manageable and
is quickly ‘scanned’. Would you like to provide more information? For example, send a link
to your website where you provide more information. Tip: this can be done with a QR code.
A picture often says more than 1,000 words. Also on a flyer. So make good use of
photos or images. It breaks up the text, makes it easier to read and makes you happier and happier
more beautiful whole.

Step 5: Call to action
What do you expect from the reader? If it is not clear to the reader, the probability is one
follow-up not so great either. As logical as it sometimes sounds, it’s extra cool
the form of a CTA (Call To Action) is always a good idea. That way you know for sure
that you provide clarity and that ultimately leads to more follow-up actions. Regardless of this one
to be.
In addition, it is useful to name contact channels. How and where can people enter
get in touch with you? An email address, phone number or social media can be entered
in that case are good points to include in the design.

Step 6: How did the flyer go?
It’s always good to measure how a particular action or campaign is performing
have done. It is no different with the distribution of flyers. There are different
ways to measure this.

For example, you can use a special (discount) code that is only mentioned on the relevant flyer
state. When you enter that code, you know the conversion came from the flyer. the same
you can do this by attaching a unique UTM code to a link behind a QR code. On it
This way you can see exactly what the results of your flyer are!

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