The first POS printers that protect against bacteria

Introducing the very first POS printers that help fight germs. Citizens CT-E301 and CT-E601 have innovative self-protective housing technology. Keep the print stations safe for customers and staff!

Protect your print station, employees and customers with Citizen Systems’ CT-E301 and CT-E601 POS printers. These unique models feature innovative self-protecting housing technology. The antimicrobial housing suppresses the growth of bacteria and protects printers from bacteria build-up.

Innovative idea
Citizen Systems’ rich heritage of print innovation and manufacturing excellence has identified a gap in the POS printer market. The accompanying innovative solution helps businesses fight the global pandemic. CT-E301 and CT-E601 are designed to withstand the harsh chemicals of disinfectant products and to retain bacteria.

“Citizen is proud to offer these two new POS printers. As the only printer manufacturer with both antimicrobial and disinfectant POS solutions, Citizen has established itself as a market leader in the POS industry. We strive to innovate every day and know that The CT-E301 and CT-E601 will add value to our product line, our network of customers and the market as a whole.” – Jӧrk Schüssler, Marketing Director EMEA, Citizen Systems Europe.

ISO certification
The technology in the house is SIAA certified, which is in accordance with the ISO 22196 standard. This reinforces the fact that both models are designed to deliver efficient results while meeting the highest industry standards.

Fast and flat prints
The CT-E601 is one of Citizen’s fastest POS printer models with a print speed of 350 mm per second. The CT-E301 prints are produced at a speed of 250mm/sec. This makes them an ideal option for a variety of queue management solutions. The anti-creasing feature smoothes the prints, making them easier to remove from the printer for comfortable reading and storage. In addition, thanks to the user-friendly operation, media can be changed in no time with just one hand.

Sustainable performance
The superior performance features are designed to withstand intensive daily use. Both printers can print up to 150 km, furthering the brand’s reputation for reliability within the Citizens 3” POS printer range.

Attractive design
The CT-E301 and CT-E601 are available in black or white and offer a sophisticated aesthetic that allows them to be combined with a wide range of work environments.
In addition, printers have a compact concept, which means they fit perfectly between all-in-one retail systems, next to a cash drawer or integrated into a self-service kiosk. The flat top exit design makes both printers ideal for all retail printing applications.

Extensive connectivity options
Both POS printers offer extensive hardware and software connectivity. Depending on your existing POS system, the CT-E301 or CT-E601 may therefore meet your interface requirements.

Comprehensive software compatibility for both printers includes Windows drivers, Mac OS X, Linux CUPS and SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, as well as industry standard ESC/POS™® emulation.

CT-E301 CT-E601
Main interface Alternative interface
USB 2.0 interface

triple interface:

  • USB 2.0
  • Serial RS232C
  • Ethernet (LAN)

Main interface Optional interfaces
USB 2.0 interface
  • Ethernet
  • USB with hub
  • Ethernet + USB host
  • Serial (RS-232C compatible)
  • Compact wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth with Apple™ MFi compatibility
  • Premium
  • wireless LAN

Advantages of industries
Citizen Systems’ new CT-E301 and CT-E601 are ideal POS printing solutions for a wide range of commercial environments, remaining both secure and clean and delivering unmatched performance. The CT-E301 and CT-E601 are perfect for retail, hospitality and healthcare environments to ensure the high standards of hygiene and sanitation. Confidently print high-quality receipts, track numbers, coupons, kitchen orders and more in seconds!

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