The valley officially opened –

EDGE is proud to announce the official opening of Valley, the iconic MVRDV architectural building delivered to the RJB Group of Companies at the end of last year.

Recently named the world’s best new skyscraper by the Emporis Skyscraper Award jury, the fully let 75,000 square meter building is a spectacular asset to Amsterdam’s business district. It is a model for new urban development and is in line with the transition from Zuidas to a busy and lively district. Valley was officially opened on Friday in the presence of Reinier van Dantzig, Alderman for Housing and Urban Development of the Municipality of Amsterdam, the board of RJB Group of Companies, Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV, Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE and various other stakeholders .

Reinier van Dantzig, Councilor for Housing and Urban Development of the Municipality of Amsterdam, said: “As Councilor for Housing and Urban Development, I am proud to welcome this iconic building to Amsterdam. This part of Amsterdam is changing from a business district to a real city in its own right even with many homes and facilities. It is a calling card for Zuidas to have this building as an example of high-quality sustainable housing in Amsterdam’s new skyline.”

Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE, opened the ceremony with a few words: “I am incredibly proud that we have collaborated with RJB Group of Companies, MVRDV, Piet Oudolf and Amsterdam City on the development of perhaps the most special mixed-use project in the Netherlands. In addition to all parties involved, I would especially like to commend the municipality for their bold vision for this program. Valley is beyond unique and I hope it will inspire others to reshape the way we live and work. I look forward to seeing the Valley come to life even more in the future.”

David Beesemer, RJB Group of Companies, added: “As an investor, we were involved in the development of Valley early in the process. For example, we have added very high quality to the program with a swimming pool, luxury upgrade of the apartments and a concierge. After four years We are very proud to add the Valley to our growing, diverse portfolio and welcome tenants to live, work and play.”

A manifesto for a new, greener city
The building has multiple uses and is designed with the immediate environment in mind. In this way, it gives residents, visitors and office tenants the opportunity to use and enjoy the space. The project includes 200 apartments, offices, restaurants, a breathtaking atrium and a publicly accessible park designed by landscape architect Piet Oudolf. With 370 planters spread over 27 floors and approximately 13,500 young plants, shrubs and trees, the building forms an urban oasis that residents and visitors can use. The park also promotes local biodiversity and microclimate.

Customization, detailed and unique design
Valley’s complex and unique design required the continued efforts of hundreds of designers, engineers, builders, consultants, developer EDGE and current owner RJB Group of Companies. The building is special because of its details. During the design process, MVRDV experts created a number of digital tools to perfect the building. In this way, the correct amount of light and view per apartment is calculated and each of the 40,000 natural stone tiles is fitted together like a perfect puzzle.

‘How do you make an office district livable? What should the houses look like? What else is needed? These were the questions we started with when we designed Valley,” says Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV. ‘The area around Beethovenstraat has really become much more lively. We see an exciting mix of workers, residents barbecuing on their terrace, visitors relax in the valley. The window cleaners and gardeners who maintain the greenery like mountain climbers are almost an attraction in themselves. The Valley is a first step towards transforming Zuidas into a greener, more humane and denser neighborhood where work and life goes hand in hand.’

The construction of Valley took four years, after which the first residents and entrepreneurs moved into the building at the end of 2021. With the opening ceremony held last Friday by RJB Group of Companies and property developer EDGE, the project is finally ready and can be enjoyed by residents and visitors to Amsterdam.

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